Grenoble INP Rubrique Institut 2022

Standing up to gender-based and sexual violence & discrimination

Grenoble INP - UGA is committed to listening to, supporting and protecting all students and members of staff in matters of gender-based and sexual violence, discrimination and harassment of any form.

Gender-based and sexual violence has no place in our institutions! We have a clear zero-tolerance policy.

If you are a student or employee of Grenoble INP - UGA who has been victim of or witness to such behaviour:
stop vss

Grenoble INP - UGA and UGA have put a unified structure in place to guarantee certain protections for victims:

  • attentive listening, information and guidance from a pair of trained Grenoble INP - UGA counsellors;
  • monitoring and follow-up of the situation by a dedicated Grenoble INP – UGA incident unit. Legal and psychological support from France Victime 38 Grenoble and France Victime 26-Remaid, if they wish.
  • Total confidentiality throughout the handling of the situation.
  • This system enables victims to make declarations which may subsequently be reported to the police (depending on the severity of the incident / crime and the evidence available)

Grenoble INP - UGA and all of the component institutions of UGA have established a convention with the criminal court of Grenoble concerning the handling of reports of gender-based and sexual violence.

The process in place for the legal handling of reported incidents was constructed with help from France Victime 38, a charitable organisation specialising in prevention and victim support (FV38).

To contact France Victimes 38: 116 006 (freephone service, open 7 days a week 9am-7pm).

What is the online reporting system?

Gender-based and sexual violence

Gender-based and sexual violence must be understood as a violation of the victim’s human rights. It encompasses all acts of gender-based violence which cause, or are likely to cause, physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm or suffering. This includes making threats and any actions which restrict or arbitrarily curtail the freedoms of others, either in public or in private.


Discrimination occurs when somebody is mistreated in certain circumstances:

  • On the grounds of criteria protected by law (gender, age, disability etc.)
  • In a situation protected by law (access to employment, services, housing etc.).

Harassment is the recurring use of words or actions whose intent or effect is to make life worse for the victim. Harassment can have serious consequences for the physical and mental health of victims.

Violence can take many forms, from aggressive language to threats, sexist/racist/homophobic insults, sexual assault and rape.