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Donner vie aux connaissances scientifiques
Donner vie aux connaissances scientifiques

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Reduce energy consumption

Hansenn - Fotolia Another area of research: the reduction of energy consumption, in particular in the sectors of construction and transportation. Here too, Grenoble INP has several cards to play, such as the improvement of the energy performance of buildings thanks to new materials, or even the management of energy consumption with projects like Smart Energy. Involving the G2ELab, G-SCOP, GIPSA-lab and LIG laboratories, this project aims to bring together the stakeholders in Grenoble who are interested in Smart-Grids and Smart-Homes to better integrate buildings into the electrical networks and also to involve the occupants/operators of the buildings in the issue of energy.

As for transportation, the work of G2Elab and the LEPMI on batteries will contribute to the development of clean and 'soft' modes of transport, such as the 100% electric vehicle. In 2007, the establishment also set up an administrative transport plan, which was awarded the TAG 2010 Trophy in the category of large companies and administrations. Finally, the circular economy, a fashionable concept whose objective is to produce goods and services while sharply restricting the consumption and waste of raw materials and non-renewable sources of energy, is at the heart of the teachings of Grenoble INP – Génie industriel and Pagora. These schools and their associated laboratories possess all the skills necessary to contribute to the implementation of this concept, by developing solutions in favour of the lean management of resources, recycling and the upcycling of raw materials. All these will contribute actively to the post-COP21 period...
Kasto - Fotolia

Date of update December 3, 2015


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