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Une excellence accessible à tous
Grenoble INP Institut d'ingénierie et de management

Grenoble Institute of Engineering and Management
Une excellence accessible à tous
Une excellence accessible à tous

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2019 - Reading material and documents to download : records to keep, useful for the whole academic year

Academic regulations

Additional regulations related to your school
  - Ense3 
  - Ensimag 
  - Esisar 
  - Génie Industriel 
  - Pagora 
  - Phelma 


Order relating to the conditions for enrolment
Order relating to the processing of personal data
Annexe relative à l'utilisation des données personnelles
Order relating to social action : exemption and reimbursement of tuition fees


Charter of the engineering student (only tor the Engineering cycle) 
Charter defining the use of IT facilities at member institutions of the ComUE Université Grenoble Alpes
Anti-plagiarism charter

mise à jour le 25 octobre 2019

Université Grenoble Alpes