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- Synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids

- Extraction of metallic ions from water using ionic liquids

-Electrodeposition of metals within ionic liquids

- Greener processes for recovering and recycling of precious and refractory metals

Activités / CV

Academic background
1994-1999                Studies in Physical chemistry UPMC - Paris 
1999-2003                Ph-D in collaboration              LI2C - UPMC-Paris
                                                                                  Universität Regensburg
2004-2006               Research fellow                        UC Berkeley - California
Since 2007               Associate professor   

Scientific communications 
33 articles
1 french patent
38 communications as posters or orals
h_index : 15           

Informations complémentaires

Recent publications

Uncertainty principle in the elucidation of the extraction mechanism of ions from aqueous towards ionic liquid phases. PtCl62- and [C1C8IM][NTf2] as a textbook case
Papaiconomou, Nicolas; Cointeaux, Laure; Chainet, Eric; Iojoiu, Cristina, Billard, Isabelle
Chem Select, 2016, 1, 3892-3900

Quantitative extraction of Rh(III) using ionic liquids and its simple separation from Pd(II)
Svecova, Lenka; Papaiconomou, Nicolas; Billard, Isabelle
Dalton Trans., 2016, 45, 15162-15169

Dramatic Changes in the Solubilities of Ions Induced by Ligand Addition in Biphasic System D2O/DNO3//[C(1)C(4)im][Tf2N]: A Phenomenological Study
Ternova, Dariia; Boltoeva, Maria; Cointeaux, Laure; et al.
J. Phys. Chem. B, 2016,
120, 7502-7510

Rationale for the implementation of reference electrodes in ionic liquids
Celine Bonaud, Isabelle Bilalrd, Nicolas Papaiconomou, Eric CHainet, Jean-Claude Lepretre
PCCP, 2016, 18, 8148-8157

Possibilities and limitations in separating Pt(IV) from Pd(II) combining imidazolium and phosphonium ionic liquids
Aqueous solutions of ionic liquids. Description of osmotic coefficients within the Binding Mean Spherical Approximation
Papaiconomou, Nicolas; Simonin, Jean-Pierre; Bernard, Olivier
J. Chem. Therm., 2015, 91, 445-451
Thermophysical properties and acute toxicity towards green algae and Vibrio fischeri of amino acid-based ionic liquids
Ben Ghanem, Ouahid; Papaiconomou, Nicolas; Mutalib, M. I. Abdul; et al.

Unusual behavior of  electrochemical behaviour of AuBr4- in ionic liquids. Towards a simple recovery of gold(III) after extraction into an ionic liquid.
N. Papaiconomou, N. Glandut, I. Billard, E. Chainet
RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 58910-58915

Extraction of iridium(IV) from aqueous solutions using hydrophilic/hydrophobic ionic liquids
N.Papaiconomou, I. Billard, E. Chainet
RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 48260-48266

Task-specific ionic liquid for the depolymerisation of starch-based industrial waste into reducing sugars
A. Hernoux*, J.M. Leveque, J. Kärkkäinen, N. Papaiconomou, M. Lajunen,  U. Lassi
Catalysis Today, 2014, 223, 11-17

Experimental connections between aqueous/aqueous nd aqueous/ionic liquid bphasic systems
V. Mazan, I. Billard, N. Papaiconomou
RSC Adv., 2014, 4(26), 13371-13384

Removal of platinum from water by precipitation or liquid-liquid extraction and separation from gold using ionic liquids
S. Genand-Pinaz, N. Papaiconomou*, J.-M. Leveque
Green Chemistry, 2013, 15, 2493-2501

Toxicological consequences of extracting KNbO3 and BaTiO3 nanoparticles from water using ionic liquids
S. Viboud, N. Papaiconomou*, C. Peyrard, M. Dubled, Y. Mugnier, D.Fontvieille
RSC Adv.
, 2013, 3, 9223-9227

Selective extraction of gold and platinum in water using ionic liquids. A simple two-step extraction process
N. Papaiconomou*, S. Genad-Pinaz, J.M. Leveque, S. Guittonneau
Dalton Trans., 2013, 42, 1979-1982