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Below are our Ginsen summer school costs:

Ginsen Package

  • 3000 € for the 3-week program
  • 10% off for early applicants (until January 31st, 2023)
  • 30% off for the first 15 Unite! applicants (conditions at the bottom of the page)


Project Package

  • 300 € for the additional week-long project week
  • 10% off for early applicants (until January 31st, 2023)
  • 30% off for the first 15 Unite! applicants (conditions at the bottom of the page)

Please note:
Both discounts (“Early Bird” and “Unite!”) work the following way: they will be attributed to the total fees of the student’s chosen programme length. The 15 spots saved for Unite! students are 15 in total (regardless of length of programme) and not 15 per pack.

Fees conditions


Fees include

  • All lectures and practical sessions
  • Accommodation in Grenoble, 1 private room per student (click here to see more)
  • Visits to high-tech facilities
  • Planned extracurricular activities
  • Medical insurance*, covering medical expenses and bills for the entire duration of the summer programme
  • Civil liability*

Fees do not include

  • Everyday meals
  • Travel to France: airplane / train / bus tickets and fares to and from Grenoble
    Personal travel costs if you go visit cities / countries other than those included in our social programme

*Medical insurance and civil liability are contracted by Grenoble INP - UGA for every student participating in the summer school. You will not have to subscribe to another insurance as it covers most expenses you may have in doctor’s appointments, pharmacies or medical emergencies. You will receive more details about the insurance upon your acceptance to the programme.

Ginsen partnership with Unite! universities

This year, Ginsen is offering a 30% discount on both our packs for the first 15 candidates to apply from a Unite! Alliance university!
We are hoping Unite! Students will participate and collaborate in great number in order to maintain this strong alliance and further scientific knowledge in Europe!

The Unite! partners are : TU Darmstadt, Aalto University, KTH Stockolm, Politecnico di Torino, University of Lisbon, UPC Barcelona, TU Graz and Wroclaw University.

Conditions to apply:
This offer is only available to students who are currently enrolled in one of our 8 Unite! Partner universities. They must prove their registration for the year 2022/2023 by asking their international relations office for a formal nomination (there is no specific model for a nomination letter for Ginsen; this can be done by email, as long as it has the student’s name, year and field of studies).

Please note:
This discount will only be attributed to 15 students maximum, on a basis of “first come, first served”.


Do you have more questions ? 
Check our Ginsen Summer School's FAQ to find answers !