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  • Published on 14/01/2021
    Six internship offers to be filled in the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts.
  • 11
    Published on 17/11/2020
    Webinar on the occasion of the closure of the European CARED project
  • Published on 17/11/2020
    One year ago, UNITE! was selected as one of the 17 European University Alliances to pilot an entirely new concept of the European Commission towards the European Education Area of the future. Born as an Erasmus+ project, and later receiving additional funding by the H2020 framework programme, these pilot projects are laying the foundations of a solid structure that will enable the full potential of UNITE! as a European University Alliance.
  • Published on 29/10/2020
    The GIANT International Internship Programme (GIIP) facilitates internships for non-European students in the summer (May-July; 3 months) and or autumn (September-December) in labs located on the GIANT innovation campus. GIANT provides support for administrative and logistical matters, and organises scientific and cultural activities after lab hours.
  • Published on 23/09/2020
    On September 7, Grenoble INP-Pagora welcomed first year students to its premises. A special return to school in a positive state of mind.
  • Published on 23/09/2020
    Welcome to the first promotion of the Master in Biorefinery & Biomaterials which has made its start to the academic year!

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