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You are a prospective trainee, a Phd or a teacher-researcher?


You want to apply for an internship or a final project in one of our research laboratories?

You will find on this page the list of our Grenoble INP’s research laboratories that you can select according to your field of study.

On their website, you will find a dedicated page with all the offers.
  • If one of them interests you in, you can apply by sending a cover letter and a curriculum vitae resume to the internship supervisor(s).
  • If there are no offers, you can send a spontaneous application with a cover letter and a curriculum vitae resume directly to the research laboratory’s secretary.

When your internship is validated by your supervisor and the laboratory’s head, an agreement must be signed between your home university, the laboratory, Grenoble INP and you.

Once your project has been confirmed, you will be able to initiate the administrative procedures necessary for its organisation.


You want to apply for a thesis as a PhD student in one of our laboratories?

You will find all the information that you need on the website "Doctorate Université Grenoble Alpes"

To choose a dissertation subject, you can see the available offers directly on the research laboratories’ websites or consult the dedicated page from "Doctorate Université Grenoble Alpes".

When you obtain the agreement of the doctoral dissertation supervisor and the host laboratory, you need to look for funding and apply for a doctorate school.

For other practical matters (visa, housing, health, etc.), you can consult UGA international’s website.

More information : Campus France guide to research in France

You wish to be recruited as a teacher-researcher?

You can consult our job offers’ French website page, and get in touch our Human Ressources Department directly by email.

For other practical matters (visa, housing, health, etc.), you can consult UGA international’s website.

Teaching and research : research-based course Teaching and research grenoble INP

The link between research and teaching is a reality at Grenoble INP Graduate Schools of Engineering and Management, Université Grenoble Alpes. All high-level academic teaching must be backed up with research laboratories, to promote knowledge transfer, and enable researchers to learn their trade.

Several courses have a direct research component:
  • The research-based master (ex DEA) is a year-long course to initiate students into research via high level scientific teaching and a research-focused placement. See Grenoble INP's masters
  • A doctorate is a course that aims to teach the discipline of research, leading to careers either in the public or private sector as a researcher or research/teaching fellow. Doctorate courses are overseen by the doctorate schools of Université Grenoble Alpes.
  • The  "Diplôme de Recherche et d'Innovation" (DRI) - Diploma in research and innovation, offers a vocational training course (in engineering or an equivalent), with a research placement in a company or laboratory.

Date of update March 4, 2022

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