Grenoble INP Rubrique Institut 2022

International Policy of Grenoble INP - UGA

International, at the heart of our strategy


Our ambition for 2030: "That through our training, our dynamic research and development, our international strategy and our interactions with society at large, Grenoble INP - UGA contributes to build a sustainable world in which our engineers, managers and doctors act as enlightened citizens and bring forward transitions. The international dimension is at the heart of our strategy and our ambition.

In order to fulfil our mission and societal responsibilities, we strongly believe in the importance of internationalising our institute and of training our students to work in an intercultural context through different types of mobility: academic, internship and others. Thus, one of the axes of our strategy is to amplify our international and intercultural position in the coming years.

To this end, at the local level, we have joined the Université Grenoble-Alpes (UGA) as a legal entity and have become Grenoble INP, Graduate schools of Engineering and Management of the UGA. This opens up new possibilities and broadens our field of action, for the benefit of our students.

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Our international strategy is structured in four key areas:

Mobilising our international partner networks (academic and corporate) to transform ourselves and be a major international centre.

Networks are our strength. For example, thanks to them, we manage the European university Unite! for UGA.
With a focus on innovation, technology and engineering, this European university is the result of an alliance with six partners. Outside of Europe, thanks to our networks, we have very tight collaborations with Africa, Latin America, Vietnam, and also with Canada and China.

Rely on our flagship scientific themes and the quality of our platforms to increase our attractiveness and strengthen our collaborations.

The quality of our teaching and research activity is fundamental for our international collaborations, and these are essential to maintain and further improve this quality. Strengthening and increasing this positive dynamic is important to us.

Develop a strong international offer, that reflects the image of our institute, by relying on our network groups.

The strength of the French groups we belong to allows us to work together to build new and original teaching offers abroad.

Develop balanced collaborative approaches with developing countries.

Our collaborations are built on a win-win model, be it in terms of student mobility, double degrees, research or the exchange of expertise and best practices.