Research and innovation integrates UNITE! European University Alliance

Last July, UNITE! received an additional €2 million in funding from the EU - as part of the Horizon 2020 call "Science with and for society" - to strengthen the research and innovation strategy and initiatives of European universities for a three-year-long pilot phase.
Politecnico di Torino coordinates the new UNITE! H2020 Project, financed by the EC for 2021-23. The project activities will promote the consolidation of UNITE! European University Alliance.

With this H2020 project, the Alliance UNITE! will make a step forward, facing the challenge launched by the European Commission: to develop, in synergy with its educational dimension, an integrated, shared and long-term research and innovation (R&I) strategy. Another objective is advancing, within three years, a series of pilot initiatives in the fields Sustainaible Development, namely Energy – with particular reference to the Green Deal – Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0.

The project aims at producing tangible results which should be reached thanks to institutional transformation and the identification of good practices for the modernization of R&I among the partner universities. To reach this objective, UNITE! will formulate an agenda of R&I shared by all the 7 involved partners, oriented to 2030, stressing the common intent of facing nowadays societal challenges. Among the other pillars of the project: the development of common policies for human capital, the sharing of research infrastructure, the strengthening of cooperation with non-academic R&I actors, widening the practice of Open Science, the involvement of citizens, civil society and public authorities.

Source : Polito