Financial boost for Unite! student projects

The first round of Unite! Seed Fund for student activity will fund two student projects to make them a reality: ARISE programme and READING Unite! - U! Reading Club.
The Unite! Seed Fund is a financial boost for innovative, co-creative and collaborative ideas from students, teachers and researchers across the Unite! alliance. The different Unite! Seed Fund cycles will support the exploration and development of diverse activities and projects and help secure the additional funds for a project or to carry out cooperation on joint, ambitious and innovative ideas within the alliance.

The Unite! Seed fund will have bi-annual calls for funding measures on Student Activities , the first call started this May and the following student proposals have won out over six others and will receive financial funding:

ARISE-Program: Academic Rocketry and International Student Exchange Programme – is financed with 20.000€ for 5 months, from 1 June to 31 October 2023. The applicants are ÆSIR-Student Rocketry Association, KTH Royale Institute of Technology (Amanda Bergström, Eszter Szabó) and TUDSaT– TU Darmstadt Space Technology student organisation, TU Darmstadt (Jonas Klein, Tyler Kraus-overall coordinator).

Abstract: Without a payload, a rocket serves no use - without a rocket, a payload cannot fulfill its mission. KTH’s ÆSIR and TU Darmstadt’s TUDSaT aim to collaborate on a payload project for the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) 2023 in Portugal. The purpose of this project is to design, manufacture, and launch a rocket (provided by ÆSIR) with a unique payload (provided by TUDSaT) in the form of subsystems of TUDSaT’s upcoming EuRoC rocket. The benefits of this cooperation are very clear: Not only will this flight provide valuable data and experience for both teams, but they will also learn how to design a joint project over long distances while exchanging experience, knowledge and culture along the way. To intensify the latter, the two groups will meet at KTH to integrate the payload and strengthen the connection between the two associations, paving the way for future collaboration.

READING UNITE! - U! Reading Club - is financed with 13.050€ for 14 months, from 1 October 2023 to 31 December 2024. The applicants are UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Overall Coordinator: Martina Massana Massip, Carme Fenoll), Grenoble INP-UGA (Sacha Zimny) and Aalto University (Luisa Cardoso)

Abstract: Our names are Martina, Sacha, and Luísa and we are students from three UNITE! universities: UPC, Grenoble INP, and Aalto. We are all avid readers passionate about literature and how it can be used to learn more about other experiences and cultures. Martina has even published her first book!So why not take the connection opportunity that UNITE! has provided us and soak in foreign literary worlds first-hand?
Through this book club we intend to encourage students to expand their understanding and knowledge of different cultures and perspectives, while also helping them develop their ability to analyse and interpret complex texts.We find literature to be a great connection point for students all around Europe, and also an amazing opportunity to find more about each other, sharing other languages and improving our critical thinking skills.