Shanghai 2020 Thematic Ranking: Grenoble INP - UGA contributes to the good results of Université Grenoble Alpes

UGA's university clustering strategy is bearing fruit in the Shanghai 2020 thematic ranking, which for the first time recognizes this type of institution.
UGA is ranked first in France in 7 disciplines, 4 of which are largely supported by Grenoble INP, an engineering and management institute, and is included in 18 out of 22 engineering themes.
The UGA is thus ranked 1st French establishment and in the top 100 worldwide in Metallurgical Engineering (18th worldwide), Water Resources (top 75 worldwide), Computer Science & Engineering (top 75) and Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (top 100).

The UGA is also 2nd in Remote Sensing (34th worldwide) and Electrical & Electronic Engineering (top 100) and 3rd in Automation & Control (top 100).

In the field of Natural Sciences / Physics, UGA is ranked 6th nationally and 39th worldwide. Finally, in Social Sciences / Management, the results of Grenoble IAE - INP (new school of Grenoble INP) and CERAG participate in the ranking of UGA in 8th place in France.