All aboard for Lisbon: twenty students at the Unite! festival

From June 29 to July 1, the first Unite! student festival will be held at the University of Lisbon (Portugal), bringing together students from nine partner universities. In Grenoble and Valence, twenty students from Grenoble INP - UGA and UGA will be taking part in this unique intercultural event.
The idea of organizing a Unite! student festival emerged from discussions between several students involved in the Alliance's activities. Why not organize an event similar to the Unite! Dialogues, but reserved for students? This initiative would bring together part of this community and forge their sense of belonging to it.

Some 200 students from partner universities will be taking part in the festival. Among them, 20 students from Grenoble INP - UGA and Université Grenoble Alpes have been selected, coming from a wide variety of disciplines and levels of study.

From the Faculty of Economics to engineering schools, from first-year to doctoral students, students from Grenoble and Valence will be well represented at this unique event! On the program: intercultural team building workshops, reflection on European Universities and city discovery (visit of Lisbon, various events...)

Representation in detail:

4 students from UGA (Faculty of Economics)
2 students from Grenoble IAE - INP, UGA
2 students from Grenoble INP - Ense3, UGA
3 students from Grenoble INP - Ensimag, UGA
2 students from Grenoble INP - Esisar, UGA
1 student from Grenoble INP - Génie Industriel, UGA
3 students from Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA
1 PhD student from Grenoble Institut Neurosciences
1 student in mobility at the IUT2