3rd Unite! Dialogue Grenoble: an evolving event for an ever-growing alliance

Unite! convenes again for its big event, the Unite! Dialogue, from 8th to 10th March 2021. This regular meeting between the members of the alliance and key guests is a great opportunity to strengthen the links and foster further collaboration within the alliance.
The Unite! Dialogue Grenoble is a 3-day event has a transversal impact on the alliance. On the first and third days, it gathers Governance and Management meetings to define strategic topics of the alliance.

Nevertheless, it is the second day that gathers most participants and attention, as it is open to all Uniters working on the different teams, who will collaborate in different sessions to build up on the main objectives of the alliance and pool knowledge and tools. After more than one year of activity, Unite! has evolved a lot and its boiling with activity. This evolution is also reflected on the 3rd Dialogue, as it includes three novelties worth highlighting.  

On the one hand, the 3rd Unite! Dialogue Grenoble is dedicating a public session to "European Values and Innovation".

Two speakers will elaborate the concepts of "European values and innovation":
  • Constance Chevallier Govers, professor at the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), for the theme "European Universities and European Values" -
  • Stephane Hubac, ST Microelectronics, researcher in manufacturing sciences, for the theme "Technology, responsible citizenship and impact on engineering and doctoral programs" -
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This is the first time in which a Dialogue session is open to guests outside Unite!, and it builds on the efforts to foster interest for the alliances and promote their broad impact in the European Higher Education landscape.

On the other hand, in order to further align with the bottom-up and co-creation principles of the alliance, all Uniters were invited to contribute to defining the contents of the core sessions of the event. This ensures that the Dialogues will not only provide a common space for discussion and collaboration, but it also allows the Unite! community to define what contents and concerns should be addressed, highly benefiting the alliance and its progress.

Therefore, this event will give Uniters the opportunity to:
  • Gain perspective on the role of Unite! within the landscape of European Universities and the future European Education Area.
  • Gain insight on the different topics that branch out of Unite!'s main actions, as well as their main achievements and challenges.
  • Contribute to different areas of Unite!, thus stimulating the transversality and feeding from a wide range of experts that would otherwise focus on a specific topic.
  • Cultivate the feeling of belonging to the alliance by emphasising the impact each agent can have on the alliance.

The customisation of the event is also visible on its programme, as the 3rd Unite! Dialogue Grenoble offers a set of optional thematic tracks that mainstream some of the topics chosen by Uniters, who are able to follow one or choose each individual session according to their interests:
  • Track 1: University and society in a European perspective
  • Track 2: Students, cultures, arts & sciences: let's connect!
  • Track 3: Beyond mobility
  • Track 4: Unite's tools and progress
  • Track 5: Degrees and doctoral studies
  • Track 6: Innovation, society and business

Last, but not least, during the 3rd Unite! Dialogue Grenoble the first Unite! Student Forum SURE! will take place. SURE!, standing for Students in Unite! for Representation and Power, is the student-self-organised body within the overall governance of Unite! and will be inaugurated by the UNITE! Governing platform. Being both agents and beneficiaries of the alliance, Unite! students have a key role in the future of the alliance and all European Universities and will also greatly contribute to the Dialogue as Uniters with their unique experience.

Learn more about Unite! University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering: https://www.unite-university.eu/