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Zero interest honorary loan. Financial assistance from Grenoble INP Alumni

Grenoble INP Alumni, the association of Grenoble INP graduates and students, offers honorary loans to students.

No interest to pay, no fees, no deposit to provide

With the support of its endowment fund "La Houille Blanche de Grenoble", Grenoble INP Alumni allows Grenoble INP students to benefit from zero interest loans of a lump sum of 3,000 euros repayable at the end of their studies. These loans are open to all Grenoble INP students under the age of 28, who are nationals of one of the European Union countries and members of the association.

A helping hand for non-scholarship students* (except for the 0 Bis scholarship)

As a manifestation of the network's intergenerational solidarity, the loans are intended primarily for Grenoble INP students whose family resources are too great to qualify for university grants and too small to be able to live adequately in Grenoble.

Repayment after studies

The honorary loan is to be repaid in 2 years after a 3-year grace period.

  • Practical details of how to apply can be downloaded HERE (in french)
  • To find out more about this scheme : it's HERE

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(*Crous scholarship on social criteria)