Grenoble INP Rubrique Vie etudiante 2022

Student services in Grenoble INP Graduate Schools of Engineering and Management, Université Grenoble Alpes

No need to worry about finding the service you need. Whether it's sport, culture, clubs and societies... It is all laid on for you!
  • Accommodation

Any student's first job is to find some accommodation.
Grenoble INP - UGA can help, thanks to its special relationship with the Houillle Blanche hall of residence.

  • Health

An occupational health department is available for students in all areas related to working conditions (health, hygiene, occupational accident and disease risk protection). Various medical services are available for free with your student card. 

  • Food

There are several university canteens located in Grenoble.

  • Transport

Transport in Grenoble couldn't be easier, with the various public transport options available. 

  • Social action
The social action department (SCAS ) can offer support to those in financial or other hardship.
Other activities are organized, such as the Christmas Tree and discussions on subjects such as pensions.
Appointments can be made with a social worker, who works in partnership with SCAS and health departments.
  • Financial support
Various organizations offer a variety of financial support.
  • Club and societies

Student life in Grenoble is dynamic, just like its students. New societies spring up every year and are well supported by central student bodies.

The "Student House"at the heart of the campus is a favorite meeting place for our engineering students.

EVE "'L'Espace Vie Étudiante" is a 900 m2 building at the heart of the campus, where you can find Radio Campus, a café and a central information point for societies across all Grenoble's universities.

  • Sport*

If you are into sports, the mountains and lakes close to Grenoble provide many opportunities, which is why Grenoble has a reputation for outdoor pursuits. Sport may be part of your university curriculum, if agreed by your university and according to it's regulations. You may also just want to play for pleasure. For a flat yearly fee, you can use the SUAPS sports facilities (intervarsity sports department) at any time.

  • Culture*
Grenoble is a leading cultural center, with opportunities for creativity everywhere from the campus right on into the heart of downtown Grenoble. More info

*Sporting and cultural activities can be enjoyed with the CAESUG (CNRS and Grenoble universities social committee), which also sells show tickets and organizes trips out with reduced costs. Grenoble is a cultural hotbed, with many theatres and concept venues.  
More information on culture