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Grenoble INP - Alumni, network for Grenoble INP - UGA engineering graduates

Grenoble INP Alumni, the Grenoble INP - UGA student and alumni association, coordinates a network of more than 40,000 people, making it one of France’s largest alumni associations.

Grenoble INP Alumni is a nonprofit organization established under French law and was recognized as a public interest organization on June 30, 1926.

Regional chapters and global reach

Grenoble INP Alumni has chapters across France and around the world. It also runs topic-specific interest groups.

The association’s mission is to maintain ties between students and alumni and to promote Grenoble INP- UGA. It is one of the founding members of the Grenoble INP Partners Foundation, which supports academic excellence and promotes Grenoble INP- UGA.

Grenoble INP Alumni is managed by volunteers and is a driving force in student internship and student and alumni career placement. The association’s directory (online and print versions) provides students and recent graduates with access to a large number of alumni. The association’s events give students and alumni many opportunities to network.

Each year Grenoble INP Alumni organizes a mentoring program that pairs Year 2 students with alumni.

A selection of Grenoble INP Alumni services:

  • Website:
  • A comprehensive directory of Grenoble INP- UGA students and alumni ;
  • A database of alumni positions  ;
  • Meetings, workshops, and talks that provide a wide range of quality opportunities for students and alumni to network ;
  • Job postings ;
  • Career Club ;
  • Lifetime email address in partnership with Grenoble INP  ;
  • Monthly newsletter for students and alumni ;
  • Grenoble INP Alumni social network accounts (Facebook, Viadeo, LinkedIn, Twitter);
  • Zero-percent loans.