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Welcome to the age of communicating objects

While connected objects are gradually creeping into every aspect of our daily life, Grenoble INP is engaged in the development of the Internet of Things: its laboratories are helping to address the latest technological challenges through their research and are involved in several national and European projects on this theme, often working in cooperation with major industrial groups.

In the near future, everyday objects may be equipped with sensors and have the capacity to interact with other objects via the Internet or the Cloud yielding concepts such as a bracelet that quantifies the wearer’s physical activity, an electronic cigarette that monitors its consumption or a toothbrush that analyses brushing quality and gives advice through a mobile application. These connected objects are “aware” of their environment and will constantly or regularly communicate in order to transmit a condition, a measurement, a status, a consumption, an alert, a need, or a geolocation to remote information systems and may even be able to make decisions to extend the functions of products and services to the consumer.

A revolution in progress
Grenoble INP is determined to play its part in the revolution that is currently underway through its research and its involvement in various regional projects such as the Internet of Every Thing (IoET) project or the European CyPhy (Internet of Interacting Cyber-Physical Systems) project, filed with 6 other institutions as part of the Horizon 2020 call for projects or the CALIPSO project of the 7th PCRD alongside Thalès and Disney Research, among others. The overall aim is to build networks of stand-alone and smart sensors that are able to send data into the Cloud, which will then be transferred back to users through the transmission of personalised information based on the target user and the context.


Date of update October 21, 2014

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