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Super grid: the large-scale transmission of electricity

In order to curb global warming and to prepare for the post-oil era, the French government has launched a call for proposals to set up Institutes of Excellence in Carbon-Free Energies (IEEDs).

The Super Grid IEED in the Rhône-Alpes region, where Grenoble INP is one of the partners, combines the skills of large industrial corporations, SMEs, research laboratories, institutes of higher education and research, and the Tenerrdis Competitiveness Cluster.

The share of electricity production linked to renewable energies has to rise from 19% to 32% by 2035. However, although solar power and wind resources are very extensive, their development is fraught with complex problems regarding power loss arising from the large distances between production zones and areas of consumption.

Super grid is a system for the large-scale transmission of electricity that will make it possible to remedy this problem. This super grid, which is largely based on DC current and underground cables, will make it possible to exploit and pool the production of renewable energies even when they are far from areas of consumption. This new grid will turn the electricity market on its head.

As part of the project, Grenoble INP will take part in the research program on hydraulic storage, which should lead to an improvement in the flexibility and reliability of the current that is transmitted.

Date of update November 9, 2012

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