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SATT, Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies

article written by Véronique Souverain

What the 14 SATTs are doing

The 14 French SATTs launched under the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) face the challenge of competitiveness by transforming researchers' most creative ideas into innovative products and services, adapted to the market.

SATTs carry out shared actions in order to increase the attractiveness, readability and visibility of technologies resulting from French academic research among companies. The SATT network, which covers the entire country, aims to professionalise the technology transfer system with more homogenous, simple and efficient practices.

Based on laboratory results, the maturation objective is to build a technological solution that demonstrates a real benefit for future clients. SATTs invest in the maturation of innovations from French public research before commercialising them via licences to companies.

Is Linksium a special SATT?

Linksium, the Grenoble Alpes SATT, differs from other SATTs in that it favours the creation of start-ups as a technology transfervector for.
After a 12 to 24-month maturation period, the researcher has the necessary elements to choose - or not - to create his or her startup. Linksium is the only SATT that integrates an incubator's entrepreneurial dynamics. The researcher is coached to change his/her position and become an entrepreneur. The project leader has access to 60 annual training courses and gains competence in the aspects that interest him in his future company. To manage the startup aspects they are not familiar with, the project leader can choose to join forces with a complementary profile.

Linksium's acceleration of the project is a guarantee of success, as it allows the project to quickly find its early clients, build the startup's team and develop a strategy that attracts reliable financial partners. Through its cash investment in the initial capital, Linksium is a stakeholder in startups' success. Linksium is a label and a resource sought after by entrepreneurs.