Grenoble INP Rubrique Entreprises 2022

The vocational education tax

Under the French taxation system, companies are granted the opportunity to determine where the vocational education tax is allocated.
Accordingly, every year, before the end of February, each company must pay the vocational education tax to an educational institution of its choice.

You can ask your company to pay this tax to one of the schools of Grenoble INP. This is your opportunity to support your school and to take part in its life and development.
Grenoble INP is located in the centre of the 2nd leading university and scientific region in France. It is composed of renowned, internationally-oriented engineering schools that work in close cooperation with industry (8 engineering and management schools - 9,000 students).

Grenoble INP, with the support of its economic partners, will be able to play a greater role in addressing the technological challenges of the future and anticipating the skills requirements of companies in the following key areas:
  • Energy
  • The Digital Society
  • Micro and nanotechnologies
  • Environment
  • Industry: globalisation and innovation

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