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Paper Science, Print Media and Biomaterials

Admission Requirements

  • Students having completed the 1st year of Grenoble INP - Pagora
  • Admissions on qualification to 2nd year (French or foreign students)
  • Exchange students


Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Overview and Career Opportunities

Pagora graduates have considerable expertise in paper materials and the associated manufacturing and transformation processes, as well as the industrial issues linked to print media and the design of new biomaterials.
New Pagora graduates tend to fulfill the functions and responsibilities of junior engineers.  These roles often lead rapidly to positions of considerable responsibility (high level management roles after only a few years) accompanied by increasing levels of remuneration.

High professional prospects
As several studies of Pagora graduates show, their professional development is practically guaranteed.
25% of all former graduates are now currently production, operations or site managers, managing directors or group presidents.  Nearly half of all French industrial paper organizations are currently managed by former Pagora graduates.

Significant remuneration
An INSEE study of 26,500 engineers performed in 2005 revealed that the salaries of Pagora graduates were only just below those from Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole des Mines de Paris and Ecole Centrale Paris and well above those of the majority of other engineering schools.

Courses Taught in English

Pagora offers Dual-Masters in association with the Universities of Helsinki (TKK), Darmstadt (TUD) and Barcelona (UPC).  The 5th semester and the End of Studies Project (i.e. a complete year) are undertaken at a partner university.  In addition to the qualification from his or her home university the student will also receive a Dual Master qualification from the partner university.  These Dual Masters are organized around the CLUSTER network which facilitates student mobility and exchanges between members.

Master Thesis

2nd Specialization year (semester 6) - 400 h - 30 ECTS
This semester allows students to develop and utilize their skills within an industrial project.
The End of Studies Project (Projet de Fin d'Etudes, PFE) has led Pagora students to countries as far afield as India, Brazil and New Zealand.  The universities which have played host to our students include Barcelona, Darmstadt, Helsinki, Montreal, Monash (Australia), Perm, Stockholm and Tomsk.
The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) also facilitates student sojourns abroad and can validate a semester passed in another university (5th semester).  Each sojourn leads to the establishment of agreements between the institutions on the courses involved and the associated credits in a learning agreement.  The joint degrees currently being created between three universities from the CLUSTER network will allow the systematization of overseas sojourns for a portion of our students overseas.
The CLUSTER* network, which includes Grenoble INP, is a European network of technological universities.  It facilitates cooperation between Pagora and other high level European universities.

Information on Available Scholarships

Are you a foreign student with a Master level qualification wanting to study at one of the six engineering Schools of the Grenoble Institute of Technology ?
You can find all the funding schemes available for your course in Grenoble on the Bourses en Accueil page of our website at


For those requiring additional information on all the sources of academic funding, contact the Service de Coopération et d'Actions Culturelle (Cultural action and cooperation service, CSAC) of the French Embassy in your country.

Date of update May 19, 2010

French State controlled diploma conferring a Master's degree

French State controlled diploma conferring a Master's degree

Financial support

What is a Grande école exactly ?

Academic Contact

Professor Jean-Claude Roux
+ 33 4 76 82 69 11

Relations internationales
Sylvie Leclerc


Submission of applications before the 1st June 2009

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