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Esisar : Master Thesis

Esisar can offer courses for periods of one semester, one year or two years.
In the case of students completing the full Master Cycle (2 years of study) at Esisar, the Grenoble INP - Esisar engineering degree will be awarded.
Foreign students who complete the full Master Cycle (M1 and M2) at Esisar also have the option of taking a Master Recherche as a double degree in some of the specialties offered as part of the Electronics, Power Systems, Automatic Control, Signal Processing program (EEATS, organized by Grenoble INP) and Mathematics and Computer Science (organized by Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble, UJF).

The following specialties are available in the Grenoble INP / UJF EEATS Master :
  • Optics and Radiofrequency
  • Control Science
  • Micro and Nanoelectronics
The following specialties are available in the UJF / Grenoble INP Mathematics and Computer Science Master:
  • Operations Research
  • Systems and Software
Students enrolled in a double degree have a first academic semester (September to February) of 30 ECTS credits and a second semester comprising an academic or industrial laboratory placement of 30 ECTS credits. Depending on the specialty chosen, supplementary courses will be taken in Grenoble in addition to those given by Esisar.
Obtaining a Master Recherche enables the student to apply for scholarships from the French Ministry of Research to develop a doctoral thesis.

Esisar plays host to the LCIS research laboratory. This laboratory is used by the EEATS and MSTII Ecoles Doctorales. Around half the students enrolled in a double Master Recherche degree perform their placement at the LCIS laboratory. Several continue to a doctoral thesis through funding from the French Ministry of Research, a national or international program or industrial funding.

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