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Erasmus programs

Grenoble INP has renewed its Erasmus charter issued by the European Commission under the new Erasmus+ programme for the period 2014-2020.

Through this renewal, the institution recognises the importance of student and staff mobility and confirms its ambition to develop european and international cooperation.

Erasmus Code


erasmus +
Erasmus is a european label of excellence which fosters co-operation and mobility programme in the field of higher education. This programme aims to support actions in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. More information about Erasmus+ on the European Commission website.


Grenoble INP's Erasmus+ projects

By signing the Erasmus + charter in March 2014, Grenoble INP has undertaken to publish its international Erasmus strategy, detailed in the following document.
Consult the Erasmus+ strategy (French pdf)

EMIC - international credit mobility

An international credit mobility project is a teaching and student mobility project between Erasmus+ programme countries and Erasmus+ partner countries.

In this context, since 2015, Grenoble INP has been submitting projects with a number of countries such as Vietnam, Cameroon, Tunisia, Morocco and Armenia. Currently, these last three countries are those concerned by the current contracts.

On February 11, 2020, the establishment submitted a new project with the following partner countries: Lebanon, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia and Vietnam.

Erasmus Mundus

FAME+ (Functional Advanced Materials Engineering) is an international Master coordinated by Grenoble INP – UGA. The fast evolution of the field of Nanomaterials and Functional Materials Sciences requires a strong consortium with recognised educational experience in the field, close links between education and research, and awareness of industrial evolutions. These needs are met in the FAME+ master programme by the integration of academic excellence of the partners, of their involvement into advanced research networks, and of their links to key industrial players in the field.

AREAS+ is an Erasmus Mundus mobility programme funded by the European Commission and coordinated by Polito, Turin. This project, active from 2013 to 2017, provided scholarships to students, researchers and staff.

Strategic partnerships

EUCRITE (European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education), is an Erasmus+ funded program (Nov. 2017 – October 2019) the main goal of which is to provide support and training to administrative and academic staff in their interaction with displaced students.

The partners of this project are Aalto University - Finland, Grenoble INP - France, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Belgium, Technische Universität Darmstadt – Germany and Graz University of Technology - Austria.

One of the main objectives of the consortium is to provide a series of training measures and materials that can be extended by higher education institutions in interaction with so-called "disadvantaged" groups, such as first generation students: even is these students are not refugees themselves, many of them come from families with a migratory background and can also benefit from support and some of the resources mobilized for displaced students.

Capacity building


The Erasmus+ project ASICIAO whose main coordinator is the University of Technology of Troyes aims to encourage cooperation with partners from Senegal and Togo in order to offer engineering diplomas that are in accordance both with these countries' specific socio-economical needs and with international standards. Within this framework and throughout the entire project, Grenoble INP is undertaking to host and train the professors, directors of academic programs and heads of education from the African partner universities.


The European Project ESSENCE (Establishing Smart Energy Curriculum at Vietnamese and Russian Universities), which runs from October 2017 to October 2020, is funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ programme.

The project’s aim is to help Russian and Vietnamese universities adapt their current engineering master level curriculum in Smart Energy Systems to meet technological evolution demands. This project is implemented in close cooperation with industry and in accordance with the European Qualification Framework.

New curriculum will be developed based on assets of each consortium member, using European experience in creation of educational programmes aligned with the Bologna process. Within the framework of the project, core curriculum will be developed to be embedded into existing master programmes and implemented during the year 2020.

OIPEC (completed)

OIPEC is a capacity building project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, which aims at transferring the best European practices in university-enterprise collaborations to Russian and Chinese partners

European Universities

UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering)

UNITE! aims to create a transeuropean campus, ranging from Finland to Portugal. UNITE! strives to innovate both in the education of engineers and in the development of a european citizenship.

The project has received a funding of up to 5 Mil. Euro between 2020 and 2022. UNITE! is also supported by la Métro Grenoble Alpes.
The project unites seven technical universities renowned for the outstanding quality of their training and research: TU Darmstadt (Germany), Aalto University (Finland), the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), the Grenoble Institute of Technology (France), the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy), the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain) and the University of Lisbon (Portugal). They have all been members of the CLUSTER network (Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research) of twelve leading European technical universities for thirty years and this project is the result of their enduring productive collaboration.

Date of update May 29, 2020

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