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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Admission Requirements

The masters in Engineering in Electrical and Computer Science is a two-year course, taught mostly in French, open to foreign students with an L3 (Bachelor degree), first, or second year of Master Degree (M1 or M2).

Candidates with experience in analog or digital electronics, RF electronics, automated systems or software design for embedded systems are particularly suited for  this course.

Applications from partner universities (Universidade Federal de Campina Grande in Brazil, IASI University-Romania, Academia Tehnica Militara in Bucharest, Romania, Jagiellonian University in Krakow-Poland, Ho-Chi-Minh City University of Technology and Hanoi University of Technology-Vietnam) will be examined on a case by case basis.


The first year (M1) is divided into one semester of academic education, and one semester of full-time internship (placement) in industry.
The 2nd year (M2 year) is also organized into two semesters: one dedicated to specialisation modules, the other dedicated to an End of Studies Project (5 month placement in a laboratory or industry).

The first semester has a common core of 5 ECTS (business techniques, languages, sport) and one specialty module worth 25 ECTS to be chosen from :
    • Electronics in Embedded Systems
    • Computing in Embedded Systems
    • Control Engineering in Complex Systems

Overview and Career Opportunities

The Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a multi-disciplinary program focusing on training engineers to design, create and integrate advanced systems, using different technological domains. This task takes into account constraints of integration requirements, the environment, cost and autonomy. The main technologies involved are electronics, control and computing.

Related Careers are:
  • Project Manager / Embedded Systems Designer
  • Project Manager / Wireless and Optical Communication Systems Designer
  • Project Manager / Control Systems Designer

The main sectors for job opportunities are:
Intermediate-High Technologies, Small and Medium Enterprises, Avionics, Energy, Metallurgy, Research.

Study at Esisar

Esisar can offer courses for periods of one semester, one year or two years. In the case of students completing the full Master Cycle (2 years of study) at Esisar, the Grenoble INP - Esisar engineering degree will be awarded.
Foreign students who complete the full Master Cycle (M1 and M2) at Esisar also have the option of taking a Master Recherche as a double degree in some of the specialties offered as part of the Electronics, Power Systems, Automatic Control, Signal Processing program (EEATS, at Grenoble Institute of Technology) and Mathematics and Computer Science (at Université Grenoble Alpes).


Are you a foreign student with a Master level qualification wanting to study at Grenoble Institute of Technology ?
Grenoble Institute of Technology offers scholarships to a limited number of outstanding applications.
Other sources of funding are available. See here for more detail.


For those requiring additional information on sources of academic funding, contact the Service de Coopération et d'Actions Culturelle (cooperation and cultural action service, CSAC) of the French Embassy in your country.

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French State controlled diploma conferring a Master's degree

French State controlled diploma conferring a Master's degree

Financial support

What is a Grande école exactly ?


For further information, you can contact the Head of International Relations at Esisar, Mr Pierre Lemaitre-Auger.
+33 (0)4 75 75 94 64       
International Relations


For an L3 application:
- 30th January to 30th April: Submission of application online
- Before the 10th May: Submission of application to Grenoble INP-Esisar
For M1 or M2 applications:
 Submission of application:
- Before the 1st May for admission the following September (1st semester)
- Before the 1st October for admission the following February (2nd semester)
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Further Information

Courses Taught in English
Most courses are in French.
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