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Description of Grenoble Institute of Technology grading system

Grenoble Institute of Technology uses the European Credit Transfer System ECTS.
  • An evaluation procedure concludes each course. The grades range from 0 (worst) to 20 (best possible).
  • Each course is related to a given coefficient (number of credits): 
    • 1 full academic year = 60 credits
    • 1 semester = 30 credits
  • ECTS grading system: A, B, C, D, E, F, FX. 
Due to the very selective admission procedure of Grenoble Institute of Technology, and of all French Grandes Ecoles, all our students are within the top 10% of the French Baccalauréat holders. This should be kept in mind when analysing an exchange student's performance as compared to his or her class-mates, which is the basis for the ECTS grade.
For more information about ECTS visit the European Commission website.

The table shows the approximate equivalence between the ECTS system and the French university grading system. Since ECTS grade allocation is statistically based, whereas the French system is not, the precise boundaries between grades will vary from subject to subject.

Date of update January 20, 2020

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