Unite! Workshop: Energy & Green Transition & Climate

We are delighted to invite experienced and young researchers, Ph.D. students, industry professionals, and policy makers within the Unite! alliance to participate in an upcoming workshop focused on energy, green transition, and climate change held in Karpacz (Poland), . This collaborative event aims to address pressing global challenges and promote sustainable practices and circular economy initiatives. Join us for an engaging and productive gathering of minds as we work towards a more sustainable future.
Who is it for?

This workshop, organized in the framework of UNITE.H2020 is specifically designed for participants who are part of the Unite! alliance. Researchers, Ph.D. students, industry professionals, and policy makers working in the fields of energy, green transition, and climate change will find this event particularly valuable. Participants with a strong interest in promoting sustainable practices and circular economy initiatives are encouraged to attend.

What is the purpose?

The primary objective of this workshop is to foster collaboration, innovation, and dialogue among the Unite! Community. By bringing together like-minded participants, we aim to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise, with the ultimate goal of driving positive change in the fields of energy, green transition, and climate change. The workshop also aims to initiate project consortia within the Unite! alliance and build strong partnerships for future collaborations.

What will happen?

The workshop will span from 16th till 18th of September 2023. The event will kick off with opening remarks, followed by pitch presentations and scientific discussions. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research and findings to the broader audience. On Sunday, we will organize a trekking workshop to Śnieżka Mountain, providing a picturesque backdrop for discussions on thematic communities and cooperation opportunities within the Unite! Alliance. The day will culminate with a Horizon Europe Proposals Matchmaking Session and a gala dinner. On Monday, there will be a session dedicated to exploring the newly formed Unite! Horizon Consortia, followed by a preparatory workshop for the Unite!-EELISA meeting. The workshop will conclude with closing remarks.

What are the anticipated outcomes?

By participating in this workshop, attendees can expect several outcomes. Firstly, new research collaborations will be initiated, allowing for the exchange of ideas and expertise. Thematic communities will be formed to address specific challenges related to energy, green transition, and climate change. The development of Unite! Horizon Consortia will create a platform for larger-scale collaborative projects. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity for matchmaking on Horizon Europe proposals, and establishing internships. Ultimately, the workshop aims to contribute to the European transformation towards sustainable and circular economy practices.

More information on : https://www.unite-university.eu/unitenews/unite-workshop-energy-green-transition-climate