Unite! Blended Intensive Program on Communications engineering and data science

Learn about Communications and Data Science for industrial applications in this advanced bachelor's and master's level Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program which will combine online learning at your home university and in-campus work at Aalto University Summer School. The application period ends on the 15th of May 2023.
Communication networks generate enormous amounts of data, originated from both customers and network operators. Customer data is related to their use of services and applications, and network data is gathered from intelligent devices (cellphones, smart appliances, IoT sensors, etc).

Telecommunication operators and other big players in the industry are in great demand of experts in both telecommunications and data science.  

This summer, the Unite! Communications engineering and Data Science master's programme is collaborating with Aalto summer school to offer this advanced course, which will cover a range of timely, industry-relevant topics related mathematics, modelling and analysis of signals and systems, electronics, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, networks and network security, distributed systems, and the Internet of Things. Students will further acquire expertise in professional skills trainings.

The course also encourages learning about the local culture through social events as part of the program.

The course is for 3rd year bachelor's and master's degree students from technical fields such as computer science, electrical, or computer engineering, who are enrolled in one of the 9 Unite! partner universities

The application period to enrol goes from:
1st of March 2023 until the 15th of May 2023

More information on : https://www.unite-university.eu/unitenews/communications-engineering-and-data-science-summer-course-unite