Unite! against energy poverty

Do you have ideas on how to combat energy poverty? Would you like to meet, discuss and exchange with other students and teachers on the subject? Create a one-minute video on energy poverty before December 15 and get an Open Badge to value your academic achievements. This participation will also allow you to participate in the Unite! student festival in July 2023!

After a first conference organized in October, it is now your turn to participate! Tackle, during a short video, the subject of energy poverty. You can participate until December 15. On that date, students and teachers will be divided into small groups to imagine new collaborations around energy poverty. This video participation will be rewarded with an invitation to the Unite! student festival in Lisbon in July 2023. In addition, an Open Badge* may be given to you.

Session 1 : "Energy poverty in Europe: what can I do as a student?"

27 October 2022
During this first session, students were able to discover what energy poverty is, their specific situation and the different challenges in different countries. The conference was hosted by actors from the ENGAGER network and the HOPE chair.

Although the first session is over, there is still time for you to participate in the second session of this workshop!

Session 2 : Sharing best practices

15 December 2022 5h30 - duration 1h30
You will be divided into working groups with students and teachers to imagine and discuss new collaborations on energy poverty.
Until December 15th, and in the form of a one-minute video, share good practices to fight energy poverty. It should be subtitled in English and deal with one of the following themes

  • What is fuel poverty in my country, region or university (focus on the European location where you study)
  • Present a good practice you have observed that contributes to reducing fuel poverty
  • Present what you would like to do on this topic.

Videos will be uploaded on Metacampus. If you wish, you can simply come and discuss and exchange on the subject of energy poverty, without necessarily creating a video.
If you are interested, please contact Isabelle Corbett or Béatrice le Moing.

*An Open Badge is a dematerialized reward for participation in an activity or for skill.