Strengthening Unite! Ecosystems at the VIII Unite! Dialogue Wroclaw

From the 19th to the 21st of September 2023, Wroclaw Tech played host to the VIII Unite! Dialogue, themed "Unite! Ecosystems". Representatives from all the universities in the alliance and delegates from seven Ukrainian universities gathered for the event.
The VIII Unite! Dialogue featured a highly productive strategic workshop specifically designed for presidents and rectors, allowing decision-makers to actively shape the alliance's strategy. Furthermore, the VIII Unite! Dialogue in Wrocław provided an opportunity to strengthen collaboration with Ukrainian Higher Education representatives. Beyond the working group meetings, the event also featured transversal, interactive and plenary sessions, offering a comprehensive perspective on the Alliance as a whole. These sessions provided participants with a deeper understanding of the diverse strengths, expertise, and viewpoints within the Unite! community.

« The vivid discussions throughout the VIII Unite! Dialogue showcased the close-knit and extensive networks of collaboration we already built in education, innovation and research alike. Together as an alliance, we established a strong and vibrant Unite! ecosystem. I am convinced that the VIII Dialogue inspired a multitude of avenues to further strengthen these ecosystems in the future. It helped us in solidifying our identity as one community in moving Unite! forward. » says Professor Tanja Brühl, President of Unite!
Unite! students
Unite! students 2

During the Dialogue, participants immersed themselves in various working group meetings, where they shared experiences, deliberated on ongoing projects, and showcased best practices related to collaboration. This exchange of ideas encouraged the cross-fertilization of concepts and the initiation of innovative ventures within the Unite! ecosystem. Student participation was not only a vital component but a driving force throughout the event, highlighting their invaluable role in shaping the alliance. A diverse group of students, representing SURE!, actively engaged in working group meetings alongside faculty and staff, providing fresh perspectives and insights.

The Dialogue also counted on the participation of delegates from seven Ukrainian universities actively engaged in the "Green Transition in Ukrainian Universities" project alongside Wrocław Tech, funded by the Polish Agency of Academic Exchange (NAWA). In parallel, colleagues from Ukrainian Universities and the National Agency of Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Ukraine have been working closely with the Unite! expert community focused on creating an “Open Innovation Community for Green Transition”. This convergence of efforts marked a pivotal moment to establish new connections and discuss prospective collaborative projects, particularly in the realm of green transition. Additionally, Wrocław Tech hosted nearly 60 students from seven Ukrainian universities alongside the Dialogue, offering a range of 12 different workshops selected by students based on their preferences.

The next Unite! Dialogue will take place in Graz (Austria) in February.

More information about the VIII Unite! Dialogue on Unite! website