Tom Jeannesson: a Junior World Championship season

The mogul skiing competition season is over. Time for Tom Jeannesson, a high-level sportsman and student in his third year at La Prépa des INP in Grenoble, to take stock. Having achieved 14th and 15th place at the World Championships, his results are very encouraging, as his goal was to be in the top 16 this season.

Selections disrupted by the health crisis

In order to be selected for the World Championships, Tom Jeannesson first had to complete 5 races in the European Cup. However, due to the Covid pandemic, the number of events was reduced to only two, which took place at the final in Airolo, Switzerland.

"I exceeded my expectations with an 11th and a 14th place. I managed to put in my best run in the most important race on the European circuit and so I made it to the Junior World Championships. It was an unforgettable experience!

Due to his health problems linked to Lyme disease, which had prevented him from racing for two years in a row, this is Tom's first "normal" season, although the pandemic still affected the championships.

“A magical moment, I was able to ski at my best”

"My first international race, first night race, first race on an Olympic stadium, first time on television, it was a magical moment! I am proud to have been able to offer my best skiing at this event, without being bothered by pain, and am very satisfied with my season overall. It has allowed me to adjust my goals for the rest of my career, with a potential World Cup in mind before I graduate as an engineer” says Tom.

Aiming for the World Championships before graduation

As a dual national, Tom Jeannesson is racing for the British national team in his final year in the junior section and is dreaming of a World Cup podium in the next few years. “It’ll be a challenge, and a top five finish in the European Cup would be a very good start.

He is currently finishing his three-year course of study at La Prépa des INP in Grenoble, thanks to his status as a high-level sportsman. Next year, he would like to join Grenoble INP - Ensimag, UGA or Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA.

Support from the Grenoble INP Foundation

Tom has been a Grenoble INP Foundation scholarship holder for 3 years. "I would like to thank the Foundation for its trust and support during these complicated times. This grant enabled me to finance my trip to Russia from 11 to 23 March for the World Championships.”

Congratulations and all the best for the next steps!