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The MINATEC micro and nanotechnologies innovation campus was founded by Grenoble Institute of Technology and CEA Grenoble on January 18, 2002, with support from the State and local government authorities. It works to bring together major organizations in the Grenoble area working in micro and nanotechnology development.


From June 2006 onwards, the five buildings owned by the cluster will host 1,000 students, 120 research and teaching fellows, 1,200 public researchers and one thousand other employees in a 45,000 m2 space.

Grenoble Institute of Technology has decided to establish the following schools in MINATEC :
ENSERG (electronics and radio engineering) and ENSPG (physics) as well as CIME (intervarsity microelectronics centre), IMEP (microelectronics, electromagnetism and photonics) and LMGP (materials and physical engineering laboratory).


CEA-Leti, the CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes  (UGA) will also have facilities within the cluster. SEM MINATEC Entreprises was established in February in 2004 to offer offices, laboratories and clean rooms to industrial starts-ups or larger cooperative ventures, in order to promote the innovation process.

The aim of MINATEC is to gather together organizations specializing in micro and nanotechnologies -universities, basic and applied research laboratories and industrial R&D businesses (startups or large corporations). The goal is to share knowledge and technology in order to design micro and nano-devices, right from materials development up to applications, particularly in software and embedded systems.  


MINATEC hosts a government-sponsored  Minalogic international industrial cluster since July 2005.