The VIII Unite! Dialogue will be focused on Unite! Ecosystems

Wroclaw Tech (Poland) will be hosting the upcoming edition of the VIII Unite! Dialogue, titled "Unite! Ecosystems," scheduled to take place from the 19th to the 21st of September 2023.
This highly anticipated event will bring together representatives from all alliance universities, including faculty, staff, students, and decision-makers, to collaborate and discuss the future of the European University. The theme of "Unite! Ecosystems" encapsulates the core focus of the Dialogue, emphasizing the importance of fostering collaboration and integration within European University ecosystems to drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth. By uniting ecosystems, the event aims to create a dynamic platform for diverse stakeholders to connect, exchange ideas, and collectively shape the future of higher education.

During the Dialogue, participants will have the opportunity to engage in various working group meetings. Notably, both the E+ communities and the H2020 Work Packages will convene in person to share experiences, discuss ongoing projects, and showcase best practices related to collaboration. This interaction will promote cross-pollination of ideas and encourage the development of innovative initiatives within the Unite! ecosystem..

In addition to the working group meetings, the VIII Unite! Dialogue will feature transversal and plenary sessions that will provide a comprehensive overview of the Alliance as a whole. These sessions will enable participants to gain a better understanding of the diverse strengths, expertise, and perspectives present within the Unite! community, fostering a holistic approach to collaboration and innovation.

The event will also host meetings of key governance bodies within the Unite! Alliance, focusing on important strategic discussions and decision-making processes. The Governing Platform, SURE and the Academic Forum will conduct their respective sessions, shaping the future direction and priorities of the Alliance within the ecosystem framework. By uniting diverse stakeholders, participants will contribute to the advancement of higher education, research, and societal impact.

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