Grenoble INP is partner of EIT « Manufacturing »

On December 6th 2018, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) announced the winner of a pan-European competition on the Added Value Manufacturing call: “EIT Manufacturing”. Knowledge and Innovation Community “EIT Manufacturing” is the third EIT in which Grenoble INP is involved as a core partner, after EIT InnoEnergy selected in 2010 and EIT Raw Materials in 2014.

EIT : the perfect Knowledge triangle

EIT are the only European funded programmes bringing together businesses (industry and SMEs), research centres and universities, and carrying the three main activities leading to the reinforcement and real achievement of an actual European Knowledge based economy.


Each one of EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (formerly so called EIT-KICs) addresses specific technological and socio-economic issues and contributes to make Europe the world most competitive Knowledge based economy.
Their aim is to boost innovation and economic growth, in order to create a favourable environment for the rise of new skills and job opportunities in Europe, allowing innovative products and services to be developed, new companies to be started, and a new generation of entrepreneurs to be trained. Read more

EIT Manufacturing gathers 50 European Companies, Universities and Research Institutions covering the entire product lifecycle and the entire value chain, from conception and manufacturing to recycling, and including key added-value industry sectors.


EIT Manufacturing has identified 6 strategic objectives, adding value to European manufacturing products, processes, and services

  • Excellent manufacturing skills and talents – Adding value through an upskilled workforce and engaged talents
  • Efficient manufacturing innovation ecosystems – Adding value through creating ecosystems for innovation, entrepreneurship and business transformation focused on innovation hotspots
  • Full digitalization of manufacturing – Adding value through digital solutions and platforms that connect value networks globally
  • Customer-driven manufacturing – Adding value through agile and flexible manufacturing that meet global personalized demand
  • Socially sustainable manufacturing – Adding value through safe, healthy, ethical, and socially sustainable production and products
  • Environmentally sustainable manufacturing – Adding value by making industry greener and cleaner
Grenoble INP is mainly contributing to EIT Manfacturing through G-SCOP Laboratory, a Joint Research Unit (ref – 5272) associated with CNRS, Grenoble INP and Université Grenoble Alpes, carrying research activities related to products conception and production systems management.

EIT Manufacturing shall however address a broad range of scientific challenges and enabling technologies : Agile Manufacturing Technologies, Additive Manufacturing, Collaborative Robots (Co-bots), Connectivity & 5G, Block chain and Cybersecurity, Bio-inspired Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Advanced materials, Internet of Things & Digital Platforms, Digital Twins and Virtual and Augmented Realities. All these research fields shall contribute to the rise of Industry 4.0. Indeed, these fields of research match with all skills and knowledge taught in Grenoble INP Engineering Schools, and scientific issues investigated in most Grenoble INP laboratories: 3SR, G-SCOP, GIPSA-lab, LCIS, IMEP-LaHC, LEPMI, LGP2, LIG, LJK, LMGP, SIMAP, TIMA, TIMC-IMAG, VERIMAG.

Digital Learning Nuggets : des modules de formations originaux et condensés

"Digital Learning Nuggets” are modular learning activities of small scale (5-15 minutes) that fit to the learners’ individual needs in a particular context. Within the first three years of the KIC an initial base of 1,000 “Digital Learning Nuggets” will be created. Each nugget shall cover at least one specific skill and be proposed on a great variety of supports (pdf, videos, html, simulation tools…). An arrangement of multiple nuggets shall create an individual learning path. EIT Manufacturing’s ambition is that by 2026, the nuggets shall be viewed by 46 million users.
It is hoped that this learning method shall help students develop efficiently their professional awareness and skills through digital tools.
Digital Learning Nuggets shall also be elaborated and proposed in more comprehensive and in-depth formats, for the specific needs of professional and long-life learning. In order to ensure the best connection between EIT pillars (Education, Innovation, Business), strong links shall be established with Innovation Programmes. As a result, an Innovation project leading to a new technology may provide basic information made available to the public through some new Nuggets.

Fist steps and expectations

2019 shall be mostly dedicated to the setting up and organization of EIT Manufacturing. The Governing Board shall edit EIT Manufacturing Roadmaps, guidelines, work programmes, and shall set up the financial and economic model of the KIC. A first few calls for proposals are planned by the end of 2019, but the real and massive take-off of EIT Manufacturing is expected in 2020.

Great ambitions

By 2030, EIT Manufacturing’s objectives are the following :
  •   50 000 people trained through initial and long-life learning
  •  1 000 new companies created and supported
  •  360 new products and services made available to the market
  •  325 million euros of investment
  •  60% of manufacturing companies implementing durable production methods and tools
  •  More than 30% of recycled materials reinjected in the manufacturing sector

EIT Manufacturing partners

EIT Manufacturing is leveraged by 5 Innovation Hubs (Co-location Centres). Chosen as the main geographic and strategic headquarters of the whole Consortium, these CLCs are in charge of the management of EIT Programmes, and shall monitor the achievement of funded projects by all 50 partners of EIT Manufacturing.
EIT Manufacturing CLCs are situated in Bilbao (Spain), Darmstadt (Germany), Göteborg (Sweden), Milano (Italy) and Vienna (Austria).
France has 8 Partners involved in EIT Manufacturing:
  • Arts et Métiers Paris Tech
  • Aerospace Valley
  • CEA
  • CT-IPC
  • Ecole Centrale de Nantes
  • ESI Group
  • Grenoble INP

Contact : Daniel Brissaud and Valérie Rocchi