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Updated on February 15, 2022
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The student board is better known as the "Grand Cercle" and organizes student events at Grenoble INP Graduate Schools of Engineering and Management, Université Grenoble Alpes. It is one of the largest student bodies in France, with more than 5,000 members.

Logo du Grand Cercle, le BDE de Grenoble INP

Logo du Grand Cercle, le BDE de Grenoble INP

2016 Grenoble INP student orientation video (shot and edited by student video club INProd)

See the video
See the Grand Cercle website for further information

Bringing students together

Members of the Grand Cercle are enrolled in Grenoble INP - UGA engineering and management programs. The organization coordinates student activities and strives to create a feeling of belonging for all students through extensive communications campaigns and a busy calendar of student events. The Grand Cercle also runs new-student orientation programs and coordinates the activities of the student governments of each of Grenoble INP's schools and other student organizations.

Highlights of the student event calendar

The Grenoble INP - UGA Gala

The Grenoble INP- UGA Gala routinely brings in more than 2,000 attendees. It is the most prestigious event of the school year. A great entertainment program helps make each year’s Gala uniquely unforgettable.

An incubator for student organizations Logo clubmix

Throughout the school year more than 30 student organizations give students opportunities to express themselves through sports, the arts, humanitarian projects, fun activities, and career-related programs. Student organizations are a vital part of the campus experience and give students a chance to learn valuable life skills.

logo isf grenoble Grenoble INP - UGA is particularly active in terms of student organizations, evidence of our students’ sense of initiative and responsibility. Whether you are in charge of a student organization or simply a member or participant, there is a student organization for you at Grenoble INP - UGA.

With more than 30 student organizations, there’s something for everyone!

  • Travel: See Europe! logo du club cook'inp cuisine grenoble inp
  • Dance: Rockabilly and DDR clubs
  • Read: Borrow a book from the Comics Club
  • Strategize: Train your brain with the Chess Club
  • Clown around: Get under the big top with the Juggling and Magic Clubs
  • Taste: Wake up your senses with the Wine and Beer Tasting Clubs
  • Jam: Play informally or on stage with the “Zik” Music Club…your gateway to equipment and maybe even fame!

See the complete list of student organizations on the Grand Cercle website

An open door to Grenoble, one of France’s largest college towns

The Grand Cercle spearheads the Inter-University Fall Festival, which brings together student organizations from all of Grenoble’s universities and colleges through the Grenoble Student Union and Espace Vie Etudiante (EVE). The Grand Cercle makes sure that Grenoble INP students know what is happening at other schools so that they can easily expand their horizons.

Student Organization Charter

If you would like to organize a sporting event, party, or fun activity via a student organization sign the the Student Organization Charter and return it to CEVU (the academics and campus life board).

Here you will also find all of the different documents you will need depending on the type of event you plan to organize.

Over 30 student clubs and societies offer all sorts of activities and events. Whatever you are into, from sport, to culture, humanitarian action, leisure or entrepreneurship- there is something for you. At Grenoble INP participation to the life of clubs and societies is viewed as an integral part of training.

eco marathon

With 30 clubs and societies, Grenoble INP Graduate schools of Engineering and Management, Université Grenoble Alpes boasts a lively student life. A range of activities are on offer to show you a good time.

  • Ski Club if you want to try your self at ski or snowboarding
  • Ingénieurs Sans Frontières for charity work
  • BEST promotes international newtorking
  • RAID is your choice if you love outdoor pursuit in the stunning mountain ranges around Grenoble
  • Ailleurs animation is for comics and animation fans
  • Concerting if you play a musical instrument

Get stuck in and use you free time to meet new friends and experience new things !

soirée best

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Date of update February 15, 2022

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