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GreenLys: a full-scale demonstrator

With nearly 40 million euros of investment over four years (2011-2015), including 9.6 million worth of funding from the French government, the Greenlys project aims to test the operation of a smart grid in its entirety by creating a full-scale demonstrator.

Future electrical grids will include the consumer, renewable energy installations (photovoltaic, hydropower, etc.), electric vehicles, and ERDF's new communicating (or smart) meter, called Linky. In order to achieve this, two technological platforms are to be developed in the urban areas of Lyon and Grenoble for 1,000 residential customers and 40 commercial sites (offices, shops, etc).

GreenLys is an ambitious project that was selected as part of the first investment program for the future. It will contribute to the standardisation of a functional smart grid and steer the way for French industry, with a view to developing a showcase for a French smart grid with an international reputation.

This project, which is headed by ERDF, brings together the expertise of GEG, GDF SUEZ, Schneider Electric and Grenoble INP. It also combines a number of specialists in the field of smart grids (Atos Worldgrid, CNRS LEPII, HESPUL, CEA-LITEN, ALSTOM GRID, RAEE and RTE). Grenoble INP brings its scientific and academic expertise to the management of the electricity network in the form of decentralised production, energy management in buildings, the integration of electric vehicles and, of course, in its simulation and preliminary demonstration tools via the G2ELAB directed by James Roudet and the Prédis platform.

We are at the very beginning of the smart grid adventure, says Nouredine Hadjsaid. And major innovations are expected in the years to come with the following, inter alia, yet to be developed: forecasting tools, real-time management tools, automated decision-making processes, advanced remote-control functions and different types of sensor. It is a long-term project that will take shape over time with our industrial partners, continues Nouredine Hadjsaid. The innovations will be implemented gradually between now and 2035, with the first developments being presented at the prestigious IEEE PowerTech2013 international conference, which will be held for the first time in Grenoble in June 2013 and chaired by Grenoble INP.

Date of update November 9, 2012

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