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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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News of Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering and Management at Université Grenoble Alpes

  • Published on 18/01/2021
    Thanks to artificial intelligence, astrophysicists were able to better understand a lasting secret of the universe: how stars are born.
  • Published on 06/01/2021
    During January, a Covid-19 test center is set up on the East side Campus.
  • Published on 18/12/2020
    The HANABi project is being implemented by the SIMAP* and LGP2** laboratoires. The goal is to combine the advantages of paper and ceramics in order to keep the best of both worlds and create an alternative to plastic packaging.
  • Published on 16/12/2020
    Yoann Fournier, a student at Grenoble INP - Esisar, has just won the Usine Nouvelle Engineers of the Future Trophies public award for his Scan It mobile application using 3D printing.
  • Published on 03/12/2020
    The UNITE! community has started a collaborative process in order to put in place a virtual Metacampus UNITE!. This is a challenging process that has to lead to early results in the medium term. The decision of the Alliance to start designing a common digital platform, is a turning point, and at the same time a challenge and an exciting starting path on which the community has enthusiastically engaged, as the need of such a tool is viewed as a key need for the visibility and growing of the concept of a European university.
  • Published on 27/11/2020
    The Academie des Sciences was missing from his collection of awards… But no longer! After the MIT Technology Review Innovators and the Innovative Environment Techniques prize in 2013, an IUF nomination in 2015, the Léon Brillouin SEE/IEEE prize in 2016, the prestigious ERC recognition in 2018, and finally, the International MTT-S Outstanding Young Engineer Award in 2019, Etienne Perret just received the IMT Espoir Prize from the Academie des Sciences. Etienne is currently an associate professor at Grenoble INP-Esisar, UGA, and head of the ORSYS team at the System Design and Integration lab (Grenoble INP/UGA).
  • Published on 17/11/2020
    One year ago, UNITE! was selected as one of the 17 European University Alliances to pilot an entirely new concept of the European Commission towards the European Education Area of the future. Born as an Erasmus+ project, and later receiving additional funding by the H2020 framework programme, these pilot projects are laying the foundations of a solid structure that will enable the full potential of UNITE! as a European University Alliance.
  • Published on 04/11/2020
    The MIAI Institute offers short teaching cycles in which courses, coordinated by MIAI, are given over a limited period of time, specifically aimed at people from the socio-economic world. Transversal to existing accredited degrees, these IA courses are open to candidates of all disciplines.
  • Published on 29/10/2020
    The GIANT International Internship Programme (GIIP) facilitates internships for non-European students in the summer (May-July; 3 months) and or autumn (September-December) in labs located on the GIANT innovation campus. GIANT provides support for administrative and logistical matters, and organises scientific and cultural activities after lab hours.
  • Published on 21/10/2020
    Last July, UNITE! received an additional €2 million in funding from the EU - as part of the Horizon 2020 call "Science with and for society" - to strengthen the research and innovation strategy and initiatives of European universities for a three-year-long pilot phase.


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