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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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News of Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering and Management at Université Grenoble Alpes

  • Published on 22/09/2020
    Ever dream about an electrical, self-amplified guitar that’s easy to carry? The Slite by Reveho is the new project launched by three recent graduates of Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA. Their new startup, Reveho, launched a Kickstarter campaign on Sept. 9 in order to commercialize the first models.
  • Published on 17/09/2020
    10,000 startups to change the world, Leyton sustainable startup challenge, i-Lab… The Grenoble startup, BeFC, has been sweeping up startup prizes across the board! The startup’s success comes as no surprise, however. With its miniature, durable and sustainable device for energy production, the startup is expected to revolutionize the world of electronics. Its innovative solution has opened the door to a colossal new market.
  • Published on 15/09/2020
    Following a 20 month break to upgrade its systems, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) was rebooted on Tuesday, August 25. With performances 100 times higher than the old system, the ESRF is now the world’s most powerful x-ray source. And what will this powerful x-ray source be used for? The field of fuel cell research offers a recent example. In addition, the sector will benefit from government support thanks to a plan presented on September 8.
  • Published on 14/09/2020
    Since Monday September 7 2020, a Covid-19 test center has been set up on the East side Campus.
  • Published on 07/09/2020
    A year after its start, UNITE! is awarded an additional 2 million Euro funding from the EU – under the Horizon 2020 “Science with and for Society” call – in order to boost the Research and Innovation dimension of the European Universities.
  • Published on 01/09/2020
    We are happy to be able to welcome you on the occasion of this rather special start to the school year, for the first time or for a new year in our 8 schools*.
  • Published on 18/08/2020
    Ranked 19 times in the top 100, including 6 times in the top 50 of the 2020 Global Rankings of Academic Subjects of the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) and 1st French university in 7 subjects, Université Grenoble Alpes is one of the leading French universities.
  • Published on 20/07/2020
    UGA's university clustering strategy is bearing fruit in the Shanghai 2020 thematic ranking, which for the first time recognizes this type of institution.
    UGA is ranked first in France in 7 disciplines, 4 of which are largely supported by Grenoble INP, an engineering and management institute, and is included in 18 out of 22 engineering themes.
  • Published on 02/07/2020
    Nicolas Béraud, a researcher at the G-SCOP* laboratory and a teacher at IUT GMP**, participated in the development of the ORL quarantine bubble for the helicopter transfer of Covid-19 patients.
  • Published on 23/06/2020
    Committed to a quality process for welcoming international students, Université Grenoble Alpes was awarded the "Bienvenue en France 2 étoiles" label at the end of May 2020, a label issued by Campus France and validated by an independent commission.


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