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Introduction to Nano Physics

Field of study: Nanotechnologies

Level: Bachelor

Objective of the course/learning outcomes: This lecture will give an introduction to selected topics in physics that are of major relevance for understanding present challenges and opportunities in nanoscience from a physicist's point of view.

I Basic concepts of quantum mechanics
- The wave function and its dynamics
- Quantization from confinement
- Probabilistic interpretation
- Wave function interference
- Tunneling
- Quantum statistics

II Forces on the nanoscale
- Electrostatic forces; example of EFM and KPFM
- van der Waals forces; relevance to AFM and NEMS
- Casimir force and applications

III Quantum electron transport and applications
- Principle of STM and tunneling spectroscopy
- Single electron effects and electronic transport through confined structures
- Electron interference effects

Lecture/contact hours: 3 hours of lecture

Teaching language: English

Detailed examination modalities: written exam

Instructor: Dr. Clemens WINKELMANN
Department: Université de Grenoble Alpes & Institut Néel
Phone: +33 4 76 88 78 36


Date of update April 7, 2021

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