U!Train :Are you ready to embark on a sustainable mobility and multicultural adventure?

Look no further than the U!Train Blended Intensive Programme. It's an exciting Unite! course, scheduled to depart, September 1st 2024.
In a nutshell, 30 students will embark on a unique journey, starting with a train journey from various Unite! institutions to UPC Barcelona and continuing on to Grenoble INP-UGA. Along the way, students will engage in various non-academic activities. Upon reaching their destination, they will continue with team-building exercises and, of course, academic work. But the journey begins even before departure, with approximately 6 hours of online classes the week prior, providing participants with essential knowledge and skills for the programme ahead.
What will participants learn?
Throughout the programme, participants will explore the themes of Green Mobility and intercultural competencies through a blend of online learning, lectures, and hands-on activities. Guided by expert faculty and guest speakers, this programme offers a unique opportunity to gain practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge about sustainable mobility while fostering a deeper understanding of different cultures.

Experts will lead discussions on topics such as urban walkability, sustainable transportation systems and innovations, corporate social responsibility, and cultural diversity. Through engaging workshops and interactive sessions, participants will enrich their understanding of these critical issues.

The programme is worth 3 credits (ECTS). 
Please note: Individual applicants should check with their home university to ensure the specified ECTS are recognised towards their own degree programme.

What makes it enjoyable?

Beyond academic modules, participants will forge connections with students from the 9 Unite! universities, creating a close-knit community atmosphere. They'll also take part in a mapathon activity, sharing their train mobility experiences across Europe and gaining hands-on insights into European travel.

In addition to academic pursuits, participants will enjoy unique cultural experiences in Barcelona and Grenoble, including guided tours, outdoor activities, and visits to local landmarks, from exploring the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the mountains of Grenoble.

The selected participants will benefit from financial support through the Erasmus mobility grant and receive a complimentary Interrail pass, to travel to UPC, Grenoble and back to their cities.

How to apply ?

Applications are open until April 7th, 2024, on the Unite! Metacampus: Are you ready to embark on a sustainable mobility and multicultural adventure? 

Don't miss your chance to be part of this journey and contribute to shaping a more sustainable and interconnected future.

Apply today and embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Hurry, there are only 30 seats available on the U!Train…