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The International Office of Student and Sholars Office (ISSO) of the Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes offers a choice of student accommodation for exchange students.

1 / As soon as your exchange or double diploma application is completed,  you will  receive an automatic email to apply online  for student housing. Your 1st choice will be honored whenever possible.

Deadlines for housing request application :
   - For the 1st semester: July 1st
   - For  the 2nd semester: November 15th

2/ You receive an offer of student housing from ISSO, including the name and address of the residence as well as practical information.
   - For the 1st semester: Late July
   - For the 2nd semester: 3rd week in December

Written by Pauline Tardy Galliard

Date of update October 28, 2016

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