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G-SCOP wins prize for Innovative Environmental Techniques

Lara Jabbour, a PhD engineer at the LGP2 Laboratory at Grenoble INP - Pagora, and Damien Evrard, research engineer at the G-SCOP laboratory at Grenoble INP, received the ADEME prize for Innovative Environmental Techniques as part of the Pollutec 2012 conference in Lyon (France).

Both were honoured in the energy conservation category, Jabbour for inventing a battery whose electrodes are made of paper. More precisely, her doctoral thesis with the team of Didier Chaussy and Davide Beneventi focused on the development of Li-ion batteries using cellulose fibres and paper-making techniques.
Evrard developed an eco-design method for energy-efficient electronic and electrical products with Fabrice Mathieu and in partnership with G2ELab, Sagem and Neopost. The method, christened SyNerGico, aims to reduce the environmental impact of electrical and electronic products, in particular whilst they are actually being used.

mise à jour le 28 février 2013

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