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A research chair to support cybersecurity

FotoliaThe Grenoble INP partnership foundation, Esisar, the LCIS laboratory and a consortium of industrial players have joined forces to launch a research chair (Confiance dans les systèmes) focused on improving security in IT, industrial and embedded systems. "The research chair will last five years. Its objectives will include support for Esisar's cybersecurity programs as well as a program to be launched at the LCIS. The chair will help expand collaborative and multidisciplinary research as well as identify new opportunities for educational programs." says Gilles Gauthier, in charge of Grenoble INP - Esisar relations.
The chair will fund research activities such as theses and post doctoral research. The Esynov platform in Valence will provide opportunities to work on concrete applications drawn from research. The platform will welcome industrial R&D projects, provide internships for students in Esisar's IT programs, and purchase materials to expand technical capacities.
The chair also aims to support the creation of continuing education programs on the subject of cybersecurity. The consortium of partners already includes companies such as Innovista Sensors / Crouzet, SKF Aerospace, GDRF and Ansys. New partners are expected to join in the months to come.


Date of update June 3, 2016

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