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Research news at Grenoble INP (in English)

  • Published on 17/09/2020
    10,000 startups to change the world, Leyton sustainable startup challenge, i-Lab… The Grenoble startup, BeFC, has been sweeping up startup prizes across the board! The startup’s success comes as no surprise, however. With its miniature, durable and sustainable device for energy production, the startup is expected to revolutionize the world of electronics. Its innovative solution has opened the door to a colossal new market.
  • Published on 15/09/2020
    Following a 20 month break to upgrade its systems, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) was rebooted on Tuesday, August 25. With performances 100 times higher than the old system, the ESRF is now the world’s most powerful x-ray source. And what will this powerful x-ray source be used for? The field of fuel cell research offers a recent example. In addition, the sector will benefit from government support thanks to a plan presented on September 8.
  • Published on 02/07/2020
    Nicolas Béraud, a researcher at the G-SCOP* laboratory and a teacher at IUT GMP**, participated in the development of the ORL quarantine bubble for the helicopter transfer of Covid-19 patients.
  • Published on 12/06/2020
    The LEGI’s (CNRS, Grenoble INP, UGA) expertise in fluid mechanics was put to good use in order to understand how Covid-19 spreads.
  • Published on 27/05/2020
    The Covid-19 crisis has turned many industrial and logistics organizations upside down. The primary focus on profitability has been replaced by the need to ensure the health of workers while maintaining sufficient activity to meet demand and preserve the business.

Date of update March 12, 2020

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