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Innovation and Transfer

Grenoble INP Graduate schools of Engineering and Management, Université Grenoble Alpes, deploys a range of resources to support the transfer of innovative results from public research to the socio-economic world.

The forms of cooperation are diverse: from one-off studies to the creation of companies, including research contracts with shared objectives.

You are:

- a researcher from Grenoble INP - UGA, wishing to promote his innovations?  

The Grenoble INP - UGA Valorisation Partenariats Entreprises service supports technology transfer projects and company creation projects involving researchers from our laboratories.

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Valorisation Partenariats
Entreprises service


- an industrial company or a scientific director, looking for a Grenoble INP laboratory or a researcher to boost your R&D activity / research laboratory?

Specify your need via the form and we will put you in touch with a contact person in the field.

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R&D needs

- in search of state-of-the-art experimental facilities?

Some of our technology platforms are accessible to companies for design, research and development.

Technology platforms

Major experimental facilities
available to businesses

INPG Entreprise SA, for your research and innovation projects

Created in 1991, INPG Entreprise SA (IESA) is a private company, commercial subsidiary of Grenoble INP-UGA. IESA provides expertise, technical infrastructure and human ressources to manage research and innovation projects. IESA has also a capital investment strategy in start up.

recherche valorisation grenoble INP

>> INPG Entreprise SA

DicoValo: Thesaurus for Research and Innovation

Since 2016, Grenoble INP-UGA has been developing and publishing a dictionary that defines the main key words in innovation and transfer. In this way, Grenoble INP-UGA contributes to developing a common language for  supporting public-private collaborations for innovation.


Innovation and Transfer News

  • Published on 29/03/2021
    A graduate of Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA and a PhD student at 3SR*, Clara Aimar recently won first prize in the “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” competition during the Alps final. Her work focusses on polymer foams for sports shoes with Decathlon.
  • Published on 17/09/2020
    10,000 startups to change the world, Leyton sustainable startup challenge, i-Lab… The Grenoble startup, BeFC, has been sweeping up startup prizes across the board! The startup’s success comes as no surprise, however. With its miniature, durable and sustainable device for energy production, the startup is expected to revolutionize the world of electronics. Its innovative solution has opened the door to a colossal new market.
  • Published on 02/07/2020
    Nicolas Béraud, a researcher at the G-SCOP* laboratory and a teacher at IUT GMP**, participated in the development of the ORL quarantine bubble for the helicopter transfer of Covid-19 patients.
  • Published on 27/05/2020
    The Covid-19 crisis has turned many industrial and logistics organizations upside down. The primary focus on profitability has been replaced by the need to ensure the health of workers while maintaining sufficient activity to meet demand and preserve the business.
  • Published on 11/05/2020
    The LEGI* Coriolis platform was used to help study the impact of ocean currents on ice melt in Antarctica. The results were published in Nature.
  • Published on 11/05/2020
    A French deputy, Paula Forteza, who is a specialist of digital subjects, recently submitted a report suggesting the creation of three hubs for quantum computing in Paris, Saclay and Grenoble. A proposal that sits well with the Grenoble CDP* Quantum Engineering, which has been working for the past three years to coordinate local actors.
  • Published on 27/04/2020
    A team of researchers from Grenoble and Canada demonstrated for the first time that a speaker is able to identify the vowel being pronounced simply thanks to somatosensory feedback based on tongue shape and position.
  • Published on 08/04/2020
    The 3D printing skills and tools available at the S.mart Grenoble Alpes cluster (previously AIP Primeca Dauphiné-Savoie, and a Grenoble INP industrial engineering partner) have been put to good use to help medical efforts and support healthcare professionals during this crisis.

Date of update June 4, 2021

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