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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Grenoble INP rankings in the press

Published on July 4, 2019
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Grenoble INP is regularly ranked amongst the best engineering schools in France and in the world.


International ranking of Grenoble INP


Classement de Shanghai Shanghaï

2019 Ranking
Grenoble INP ranks in the world top 50 in:
  • Engineering Electrical & Electronic (1st French university)
  • Remote Sensing (2nd French university - 14th in the world)
  • Metallurgical Engineering (2nd French university)
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Previous ranking : 2018 - 2017

QS World university rankings

QS World University Rankings by subjects 2019

Grenoble INP ranks
- 4th in France for the global field "Engineering and technology"
- 3rd in Materials Science (top 150 in the world)
- 5th in Engineering Electrical & Electronic

Previous ranking : 2018



Top 100 most innovative European universities 2019

Grenoble INP ranks 2nd of the French Engineering Schools and 13the of French universities.
This ranking is about universities contributing in the development of sciences, innovation and worldwide new markets and indusries.

Previous ranking : 2018


French ranking of Grenoble INP


Industries and Technologies 2018

Grenoble INP 1st Engineering school for the number of scientific papers published.

According to Industrie & Technologies magazine, Grenoble INP is the first Engineering school for papers, with a score of 2588 pro year.

It also ranks in top 5 for its faculty (number of teachers/researchers) and for the number of registered licences.

Industrie & Technologies has ranked the French Engineering schools for research and innovation according to public datas such as their number of doctorate's thesis, researchers and  incubated companies.


City ranking


L'Étudiant par villes


French best student cities ranking 2018-2019

Grenoble ranks 5th in the 2018-2019 ranking of the best student cities of L'Etudiant magazine, only 4 points from Lyon and Toulouse, first ties. 
Quality of student life, attractiveness and lifestyle are the strengths of Grenoble. 
The online survey that completes this year's ranking positions Grenoble as the most sporting city.  Previous ranking : 2017-2018


Grenoble, city of innovation


the financial times logo

The Financial Times

Grenoble, the 3rd european city of the future. The financial times measures the attractiveness of cities and territories from different parameters, like the economic potential, the condition and labour cost, or  the infrastructure quality.



forbes logo


2013 (the last ranking)
Grenoble, the 5th most innovative city in the world.


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Date of update November 26, 2019

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