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A great success in the Ginsen summer school 2019!

Published on July 15, 2019
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Ginsen summer school (for “Grenoble International Smart Engineering”) has ended after 5 intense weeks, rich in scientific courses, humanities classes and cultural activities. From June 11 to July 12, Grenoble INP welcomed 28 students from Nigeria, Hong Kong, South Korea, the USA, Australia, India, and the UK.

Each student followed two modules: one dedicated to humanities and the other dedicated to their scientific field of choice, between Micro & Nanotechnology and Smart Energies. Each module provided the students with theoretical courses, lectures, as well as practical classes, allowing them to apply their knowledge in specific case studies. The students in the Micro & Nanotechnology program attended classes in MINATEC whereas those in Smart Energies went to GreEn-Er, under the supervision of Clemens Winkelmann and of Stéphane Ploix in coordination with Patrick Reignier.
On July 12, we held the closing ceremony and the farewell party, in which 100% of our students saw their courses validated in a certified ‘Transcript of Records’. The 28 students have since left Grenoble to return to their home universities and some of them expect to come back for their studies, their internship or even collaborations with partner labs in Grenoble.

Grenoble INP welcomed, among its students, 6 young Nigerians who came as part of the project FSPI for the “Support in Innovation and Research for the Adaptation to Climate Change in Nigeria” (AIRACC-Nigeria), put in place and financed by a program in the French Embassy. This project (2019-2020) has the goal of starting scientific collaborations between labs in Grenoble and 7 partner Nigerian universities on environmental issues.

They came to deepen their knowledge, discover French culture, travel, meet students from around the world, and concluded their stay at Grenoble INP extremely satisfied. Scientific courses and social activities (in particular the trips to Annecy and Lyon, the climbing activity at the Bastille fortress and the escape game) were very much appreciated by the participants. On top of their scientific curriculum, the students were to attend “French Survival” outdoor classes, intercultural communication and project management.

The students went back home with lots of great memories.
Here are some of their testimonies:

"Ginsen was a turning point in my life". (Smart Energies)
"I had an awesome time studying in this program. I found the studies interesting and applicable, and got to meet students from around the world and explore a beautiful part of the world." (Smart Energies)

We are thus proud to announce that there was an extremely positive feedback for this Ginsen Summer School 2019. Now it’s time for some well-deserved rest before getting things moving again in September with the organization of the next edition! We wish everyone a lovely summer!

See all the photos of the Summer Schools 2019 on our Facebook page.

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Date of update July 15, 2019

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