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Grenoble INP

Institut polytechnique de Grenoble

Grenoble Institute of Technology

Laboratories & structures of research

21 Research Laboratories

3SR Lab
Geomaterials, deformations and ruptures
Geomechanics and civil engineering structures
Mechanic and multiphysic couplings of heterogeneous environments
Mechanics of solids and of complex environments
Risks and vulnerabilities
G2ELab Electrical systems and power grids
power electronics
Magnetic micro-systems
Electromagnetic materials and machines
Dielectric and electrostatic materials
Models, methods and methodologies for electrical engineering
GIPSA-lab Automatic control
Signal and image processing
Speech and cognition
G-SCOP Lab Operational research and optimization
Complex system supervision and management
Integrated design and eco-design
Information systems and product representations
Power management in buildings in cooperation with G2ELab
IMEP-LAHC Micro and nano electronics
Photonics, THz and optoelectronics
Radio-frequences, hyper-frequences and opto-microwaves
Neel institute Fundamental Research in Matter Physics
Magnetism and sipntronics
Photonics, plasmonics and non-linear optics
Quantum, molecular and wide bandgap eletronics
Correlated systems, quantum fluids and superconductivity
Materials : synthesis, structure and functions
LCIS Systems Design and Integration
LEGI Lab Gravity waves and sedimentary hydrodynamics
Diphasic flow and turbulences
Micro-fluids, interfaces and particles
Modeling of oceanic flows
Environment, rotation and stratification
Modeling and simulation of turbulences
LEPMI Lab Thin layers and spectroscopy of electrochemical surfaces and interfaces
Amorphous solid electrolyte
Analysis of electrochemical systems
Alecto-chemistry of metallic systems and electro-catalysis
Process engineering applied to energy and environment
Interface in electro-chemistry of solids
Photo and opto-electronics
LGP2 Lab
Pulp and paper science
Paper making and environment engineering
Converting biomaterials packaging
Chemical processes
Paper physics
Printing processes
LIG Lab Environments and tools for industrial computer engineering
Algorithms, programs and proofs
Didactics and computers, learning of mathematics
Networks and multimedia
Geometry and probability for motion and action
Computer mediated exchange of structured knowledge
Real-time translation of languages and speeches
Heterogeneous autonomous database systems
Interaction and virtual reality
Man machine interaction engineering
Multi-agent modeling and simulation
Middleware efficiently scalable
Multi-programmation and scheduling of distributed resources
Modeling and search of multimedia informations
Participative design, ergonomy and usage of interactive systems
Programming languages, operating systems, parallelism and aspects for real-time
Perception, recognition and integration to model activities
System architecture for reflective distributed environments
Information systems, adaptable engineering and modeling
Spatio-temporal information, adaptability, multimedia and knowledge representation
Validation of systems, components and software objects
Web adaptation and multimedia
Jean Kuntzmann Lab Geometry and images
Models and determinist algorithms
LMGP Lab Materials for electronics and photonics
Multifunctional and nanostructured materials
Materials for biotechnologies
Functional materials with usage properties
Quarks and leptons
Astro-particles and cosmology
Hadrons and nucleus, nuclear energy
Theoretical physics
Plasma, materials, nanostructures
LTHE Lab Atmosphere and rainfall systems
Climates, water and resources
Spatialized interfaces and balances
Rivers, erosions and contaminants
Coupled transfers in heterogeneous and porous environments
Shaping polymeres
Scattered systems and heterogeneous materials
Simulation, modeling and creation of numerical tools
Structures and interfaces
Nano-rheology and nano-materials
SIMAP Lab Structure materials
Nano-materials and micro-electronics
Multi-materials and sintering
Materials for energy
Solidification and liquid-solid processes
Multi-scale modeling and simulation
Mass storage
Spin transfer
MRAM & logic
Magnetic logic
Numerical simulations of spintronics based radiofrequency nano-oscillators
Architecture for robust and complex integrated systems
Aoncurrent integrated systems
Micro and nano systems
Reliable mixed-signal systems
System level synthesis
Verification & modeling of digital systems
Multi-sensor systems to monitor fragile people
Models and algorithms for learning
Cellular dynamics
New anti-cancer medicine based on flavonoïds
Sanitary risks of emergent illness
Modeling, medical imaging and robotics to support surgery movements
Degenerative processes of inflammation and ageing
Ontology, knowledge and data for heath information systems
Integrative physiology of cardiovascular systems
Pattern recognition, modeling and knowledge based in cellular sociology
Posture and movement control
Information processing and modeling in biomedicine
VERIMAG Lab Language design
Distributed implementation
Test and simulation
Heterogeneous components
Formal methods for computer security
Specification languages and validation
Program verification
Timed systems
Hybrid systems

4 Mixed Units of Services (UMS)

CMP   Multi-Project Circuits
OSUG   Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble
THERMA   THERmodynamique et MAtériaux
EUROFIDAI   Institut Européen de Données Financières
MI2S   Moyens Informatiques Multimédias, Information Scientifique Consortium de Recherche pour l'Emergence des Technologies Avancées


Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update September 21, 2015

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