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Grenoble INP

Institut polytechnique de Grenoble


Grenoble Institute of Technology

You are a prospective intern, PhD, researcher or teaching faculty

Apply for a lab internship

First, get in touch with one of our labs that corresponds to your research interests.

As soon as your intership is accepted, the lab will need to send you an invitation letter. This letter will allow you to start the administrative procedures. 

Upon arrival at the lab, you will need to have a health insurance certificate (this must include sickness, repatriation, death...) as well as a civil liability insurance policy (must be purchased in France).

If you are under 28 and your stay will extend beyond 3 months, please note that you will automatically need to pay for French social security (207 €uros) + civil liability (20 €uros).
The only students exempted from paying the social security fee will be the holders of a health insurance card which covers the full school year.

NB : For non-Europeans :

  • To apply for your visa, you will also need to have housing and funding certificates.
  • Interns at the master's level will need to apply for a "visa stagiaire" and will need to show at the French Embassy, an internship agreement stamped and signed by the Préfecture (for internships over 2 months). For details, ask your lab.
  • All researchers (including PhD's and Post-docs) will apply for a "visa scientifique" et will need to show at the French Embassy a "convention d'accueil chercheur" signed and stamped by the Préfecture.

Warning! Agreements already exist between France and a number of countries which will exempt you from the need to apply for visa.


Apply for a PhD at the Université de Grenoble

First, you must find a supervisor and be accepted as a PhD student. Second, you must enroll in one of the doctoral schools of the Université de Grenoble. See the procedure on the website (in French).

You also can consult the job offers on website of the Collège doctoral de l'Université de Grenoble.


You are looking for a position at Grenoble INP


For any information on the teaching faculty recruitment, please contact our Human resources office.

Do not hesitate to go on our website to consult the job offers at Grenoble INP.

Written by Pauline Tardy Galliard

Date of update June 16, 2014

Université Grenoble Alpes
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