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Grenoble IN'Press n°5 - april 2014 - Inventing the materials of the future at Grenoble INP Archives

Inventing the materials of the future at Grenoble INP


« Alongside CEMAM (Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials), Grenoble INP holds a very strong position in this sector with assets ranging from expertise in materials.»

Yves Bréchet, High Commissioner for Atomic Energy, professor at Grenoble INP and Head of CEMAM

Grenoble INP's news

Pereniti, an excellence chair between the Grenoble INP Partner Foundation and EDF

Grenoble INP ranks 2nd amongst the top 100 engineering schools in 2014!

Grenoble INP heads two QS 2014 subject areas

Grenoble, the second most innovative European city

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