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Staff and Directories
Staff and Directories

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Directeur de Recherches (DR2) CNRS

Contact details

Personal Website : http://

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Activities / Resume

1981 : Graduate from the School of Engineer (ENSEEG,  Grenoble- INP)
1983 : PhD in "Electrocgemistry" and recruit at CNRS as "attachée de recherche"
1987 : Docteur es Sciences physiques and Médaille de bronze CNRS

  Research activity - Keywords                 

-  Solid state electrochemistry
- Gas electrode reaction, ionic transfer
-  Electrochemical impedance
- Ionic conductive ceramics
-  Raman/electrochemistry coupling : in-situ measurements 
- Electrochemical devices : gas sensors, ion selective electrodes, biosignal sensors, Solid Oxide Cells (SOFC, SOEC), Electrochemical promotion of catalytic reaction (EPOC)

  Some examples of recent publications

- Electrochemical and Raman study of LSCF reduction, E. Siebert et al, Solid State Ionics 247-248 (2013) 30-40
- Reactive mechanisms of LSCF single phase and LSCF-CGO composite electrodes operated in anodic and cathodic polarisations, J. Laurencin et al, Electrochimica Acta 174 (2015) 1299 - 1316
- Role of microstructure on electrode operating mechanism for mixed ionic electronic conductors : from synchrotron-based 3D reconstruction to electrochemical modeling, M. Hubert etal, Solid State Ionics 294 (2016) 90 - 107
- Effect of porosity on the electrical properties of LAMOx materials, H. El Khal et al, Solid State Ionics 304 (2017) 75-84
- Experimental validation of a LSCF electode model operated in electrolysis mode. Understanding the reaction pathway under anodic polarization, F. Monaco et al, Solid State ionics 319 (2018) 234-246

Typical review articles

- Electrode reactions in potentiopmetric oxygen sensors, M. Kleitz, E. Siebert, dans "Chemical Sensor technology", vol.2, T. Seiyama Ed, KodanshaLtd, 1990, pp262-272
- NASICON, a sensitive membranes for ion analysis, P. Fabry, E. Siebert, dans "Chemical Sensor Technology", vol.4, S. Yamauchi ed, Kodansha Ltd, 1992, pp11-124
- Electrocatalysis and morphology at cathode materials for the oxygen reaction on solid oxide conductors, E. Siebert, Electrochim. Acta 39 (1994) 1621-1625
- Mixed type hydrogen sensor, E. Siebert et al, Ionics 9 (2003) 168-175
- Modelling and physico-chemical investigation of the gas electrode on solid oxide electrolyte, E. Siebert, position paper of the 4th SOFC net meeting, Bordeaux 27-29 september 2004, "Workshop on Modelling and Engineering of SOFC cells, stacks and systems"


-Electrochimie des solides, C. Deportes et al, Presse Universitaire de Grenoble, EDP Sciences, 1994

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