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Staff and Directories
Staff and Directories

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Professor at Grenoble-INP ; Head of the Master of Electrochemistry and Processes for Energy and the Environment (Phelma-EPEE, Master ElP) ; Leader of the group of Interfacial Electrochemistry and Processes at LEPMI ; Editor of Journal of Power Sources.

Contact details

LEPMI Bureau 349 1130 rue de la piscine BP75 38402 Saint Martin D'Hères

  • Fax : (+33) 476 82 67 77

Personal Website : http://

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Teaching activities

- Electrochemistry (methods; kinetics; interfaces; electrocatalysis; corrosion; materials for electrochemistry).

- Chemistry (physical and analytical).

- Energy conversion and storage (materials, technology, durability and selection of electrochemical generators; physical-chemistry of electrochemical generators).

Research activities

- Interfacial electrochemistry: well-defined surfaces; double layer; in situ coupling of physical techniques with electrochemistry (FTIR and Raman spectroscopies; XRay absorption spectroscopy; differential electrochemical mass spectrometry).

- Electrocatalysis: mechanisms and kinetics of electrooxidation of non-carbonaceous fuels and electroreduction of oxygen on carbon or oxide supported metal/alloyed nanoparticles or bulk surfaces.

- Durability of PEMFC electrodes and catalysts; determination of aging mechanisms; link between the PEMFC performances degradation and the morphology/composition/performances of the membrane/electrode assemblies.

- Li-air batteries: mechanisms of the oxygen reactions in lithiated media (aqueous or non-aqueous).

Activities / Resume

Ingineer from Grenoble-INP ENSEEG (1997)

PhD in electrochemistry from Grenoble-INP (2000)

Habilitation à diriger des recherches (2006)



    Recipiendary of the 2015 Asgard fellowship

2014    Electrocatalysis Annual Authorship Award for the paper: “ILTEM study of Pt/C and PtCo/C nanostructured electrocatalysts ageing: effects of morphological and compositional changes on the oxygen reduction reaction activity”, by Nikkuni et al. Electrocatalysis 4 (2013) 104-116

2013-2018      Junior member of Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)

2013   Best labwork class in electrochemistry, Société Chimique de France (SCF - ORIGALYS)

2010  " Oronzio and Niccolò De Nora Foundation Prize of ISE on Applied Electrochemistry", International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)

2009    "Best Young Electrochemist", Société Chimique de France (SCF)


Main industrial collaborations:

- AXANE, Air Liquide


- Easyl

- Hutchinson


Main Academic collaborations:

- LEMTA, Université de Lorraine (O . Lottin, G. Maranzana)

- Mines ParisTech (S. Berthon-Fabry)

- Université de Strasbourg (E. Savinova, A. Bonnefont)

- Fraunhofer ICT Karlsruhe (Allemagne, C. Cremers)

- Academy of sciences (Czech Republic, J. Vondràk)

- Université de Liège (Belgium, N. Job)

- Universidad de São Paulo, São Carlos (Brazil, E.A. Ticianelli, F.H.B. Lima)

- University of New Mexico (USA, P. Atanassov)

- Northeastern University, Boston (USA, S. Mukerjee)

- University of Alicante (Spain, J. Feliu)


Scientific production (April 2016 - h factor = 31, 2792 citations):

- 111 papers in peer-reviewed journals

- 7 book chapters

- 20 extended abstracts

- 157 communications in (inter)national conferences (29 invited)

- 31 invited seminars in (foreign) industry/university

- 4 patents

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Date of update April 6, 2016

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